The Bristol Post publishes yet another sensational story on its website which will rock the city to its very foundations. Simon Evans, 37, from Exeter paid £16.29 for a meal consisting of a manky looking burger and “and a handful of chips”. He was “shocked”. The ‘story’, accompanied by a selfie of Mr Evans goes on to add that the airport is “completely profit-based and it isn’t customer-focused at all.” No shit, Sherlock!

Of course, the airport is “completely profit-based”. It’s owned by a Canadian pension plan for teachers who are there not because they have a soft spot for  a popular local airport but instead to make as much cash as possible for retired teachers. Bristol Airport is NOT part of the public sector, like the NHS or the police service.

I have absolutely no sympathy for the complainant. Nobody forced him to get ripped off to the tune of £16.29. Someone tight like me would never, under any circumstances, pay that kind of money in an airport fast food ‘restaurant’ or any other type of fast food outlet for that matter. I always take my own food when I fly from Bristol because the airport is merely a means to an end. I do not arrive at the airport early in order to ‘enjoy’ the VIP ‘Aspire’ lounge experience, where people pay a small fortune for a bacon sarnie and unlimited ‘free’ booze and to post on social networks that they are in the ‘Aspire’ lounge and you’re not. In fact, I want to spend as little time in Bristol Airport as possible.

It’s quite simple really: if you don’t want to get ripped off, then don’t buy food or drink within the confines of Bristol Airport. Don’t use their extortionate parking facilities. However, if you choose to get ripped off, don’t whinge about it. You are not eating or drinking at a Michelin starred restaurant. And £16.29 for a poxy burger and chips? Seriously?