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Category: Eclectic Blue


And so farewell Judith Kerr, the brilliant writer and illustrator who gave us The Tiger Who Came To Tea and, my own favourite, Mog the cat. You can read proper tributes elsewhere. I write as the layman whose children were...

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Yesterday’s news

What a time to be alive. Yesterday, we heard the news that British Steel had gone bust, with the loss of 5000 good jobs, with the consequential loss of some 20,000 jobs in the supply chain. That’s 25,000 potential...

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Deep in the heart of North Lincolnshire stands an enormous steelworks that provides 5000 good local jobs, as well as a further 20,000 in the supply chain. Tonight the company is in liquidation, desperately seeking a buyer. We...

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On multiculturalism

Entirely predictable that the privately educated, former commodities trader and self-proclaimed man of the people Nigel Farage should host a fundraising lunch at the Ritz. And even more predictable that Farage should be in the...

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Happy birthday, dad

I don’t do this heaven or hell malarkey. My view is that when life is over, it’s over and that I won’t survive my own death in order to stroll through the pearly gates to that great Wetherspoons in the sky. It...

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Not just William

Ever watched a TV show that had you in bits from beginning to end? That’s what happened to me today when I watched the BBC documentary ‘A Royal Team Talk: Tackling Mental Health.’ Here was footballing royalty,...

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Concrete jungle

I went shopping very briefly in Bristol’s shopping area yesterday. The shopping area is basically divided into two; a vast modern concrete collection of shops and mid market food outlets called Cabot Circus and the old,...

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