Three days of driving across Corfu has certainly taken its toll.

We took out our white Peugeot ‘something’ (I am not good on the detail of these matters) and have since travelled through great swathes of the island. Ermones, Glyfada, Doukades, Agni, San Spirodon, Kanoni and of course Corfu Town.

It was mostly a lot of fun, apart from driving on the wrong side of the road and avoiding pot holes the size of craters. Oh and avoiding the local drivers for whom the right side of the road is all of it.

I suppose you could get used to driving on the right but it still seems unnatural and I find myself fumbling with the window to change gear. I tend to take that extra split second to change gear which takes all the smoothness out of driving.

Corfu is a much better place than when I first came here in 1985. It smells better, it looks better, it is better.

The ‘John Smiths, Sunday roast’ brigade now head for Sidari in the north whilst the 18-30 (IQ) youngsters are banished to Kavos. The island in the middle is, in the main, quite beautiful.

The roads are generally okay and near Sidari there is a brand new road, very smooth, very fast, until you suddenly hit a dirt track where it hasn’t been finished. On the north east coast, the playground of the very rich, the road is a switchback nightmare high above the sea with token fences in the way. Endless small villages blend into one in a never-ending crawl to your destination.

Ours, on Sunday, was Agni and the wonderful Nikolas Taverna. There are three main eateries here – the upmarket Taverna Agni which is visited by the likes of David Cameron (who does his party trick of killing wasps with his bare hands – what a hero), Toulas and Nikolas. It’s pebbles, shimmering clear water and rich English people who really should put their shirts on in a restaurant.

For future reference, we made a brief visit to Corfu Golf Club. I really should have played it because there were not too many people about. It’s not exactly a top tournament course but it looks pleasant enough with a lot of water which is never good for my game.

And now we’re back by the pool again. It’s not as hot as it has been for some years, which is great. Shade temperatures are still topping a healthy 31c but there’s nothing to drive you in doors to escape the overwhelming heat. Last year’s 37s were just too much

I realise that I am not at my creative best on the writing front. My brain appears to be taking a break too and I am finding it hard to do anything at all, which is probably why we are here!