Well, that’s it: I’m doing it.

They say everyone has a book in them. I’m not sure about that but I have been persuaded, not that it takes much persuading, to visit to Corfu in the middle of winter and tell a different story about my favourite island.

I have been to Corfu on no fewer than 20 occasions. I have done lads holidays, holidays with my partner(s) and family holidays. My 21st visit will be on my own.

Time waits for no man or woman and the clock is ticking. I have had this idea in my head for many years about writing a book about Corfu. Not the Corfu I have seen before, from the sun bed, beneath the baking sun. Corfu is green and it’s green for a reason: it rains a lot in winter.

Corfu airport is rammed in the summer but it will be almost deserted in January. Much of the island will, I suspect, be closed down. I have heard it said that whole resorts close from November to May. I am going to see for myself and write about it.

I am hiring a car and I am going to drive from Corfu Town to Kavos, from Kavos to St George South…oh, and you know the rest. I am going to visit as many places as I possibly can, to talk to people – very quickly, I suspect – and paint a picture with words, if I can. I think I can.

I will be sticking mainly with the resorts but I will try to visit some small villages too, where people live and where tourism has never touched. And I am going to attempt, in suicide fashion, to drive to the top of Mount Pantokrator, assuming it’s not covered in snow and ice. I have enough trouble driving through that stuff when I am driving on the correct side of the road.

It looks like I shall be starting late on a Sunday with an overnight flight via Athens and then not sleeping again until Monday night. Arriving at Athens airport at 4.00 am in the middle of winter. What a laugh that could be! But it makes the cost of a hotel one night cheaper!

It’s fair enough that many people find Facebook an annoyance and worse. But I put my dream out there and I have been overwhelmed with encouragement and positivity.

I owe it to you but most of all I owe it to myself.

I hope I don’t let you, or myself, down.