Obviously, I knew I was in Greece when I got off the aircraft in the early hours of yesterday morning but it was brought home to me even more so this morning when we visited the local mini-market.

As well as holiday essentials – bread, beer, tonic – the shop is also packed with some real goodies such as calendars, various types of pottery and, yes, you guessed it, TDK Cassette tapes. I mean, who hasn’t unpacked their suitcases to find they’d only forgotten to bring blank cassette tapes?

The flight itself was pretty well event-free. There was some turbulence over London and the Alps but now I have learned that no plane has ever been brought down by turbulence alone I relaxed on my iPod with – what else? – Toto Live In Poland. Did I ever tell you that I’ve blessed the rains out in Africa, by the way?

Lots of our old friends are here in Arillas, this lovely peaceful resort in North East Corfu. It’s almost a family reunion when we arrive.

Our first day was spent, as you might imagine, underestimating the strength of the sun and finishing an inflamed red colour. My diet, such as it was, comprised of a heady combination of cheese, ham, beer, Pimms, spit roast chicken, red wine and of course beer. And yes, it was all in that kind of order, give or take the odd ice cream along the way.

The weather is not a lot different from what it was at home, if anything it’s less humid and more bearable, albeit a degree of two higher than Bristol. I was told yesterday it had reached 49c yesterday which, if true, meant we were approaching Death Valley standards. The reality was a mere 30c but as I have said before in these blogs, people do have the propensity to exaggerate for reasons that are beyond me. Honestly, 30c is hot enough.

We ate at the excellent Brouklis Taverna last night with our friends from Plymouth. Mine, and everyone else’s, host is Dimitris, an engaging man who speaks at least four languages fluently where I struggle with one. There really are few better eateries that I know of in Corfu, McDonalds aside, obviously.

And sitting around doing nothing in all that heat really takes it out of you. By 11.30, we were ready for bed which is particularly shameful since it was only 9.30 back home.

There’s a breeze today and it’s very slightly cloudy. Our boys who retired sometime after 3.00 am have not yet risen. It’s time to leave them to it for my daily exercise routine which comprises of walking about 30 yards to my sun bed.

Wish me luck.