Anyone heard of Claire Fox MEP? She’s a self-appointed ‘libertarian’ who was once a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party. Over the years, she has had some interesting opinions. Allow me to show some of them to you:

  • In 2000, Ms Fox said the genocide in Bosnia had been faked and in 2018 refused to apologise for saying it.
  • People should not be banned from watching child porn or jihadi terrorist videos. She supported “Gary Glitter’s right to download child porn”.
  • She publicly supported the IRA and later stood for the Brexit Party in the North West of England, despite being criticised by the father of Tim Parry who was murdered by the IRA in Warrington in 1983. The voters of the North West were so appalled to learn all this stuff they promptly elected her to the European parliament. It takes all sorts, I suppose.

You’ve probably gathered from this that Ms Fox is a pro Brexit person, so I was greatly surprised to read this comment made by her: “I hope Remainers will use Brexit to think about what sort of country they want the UK to be”. Well, Ms Fox. I’ve thought about little else since the disastrous referendum of 2016. This won’t take long.

The kind of country I wanted to be was internationalist, playing a role at the heart of Europe. We would continue to be a free country within the EU, with very few of our laws coming from our elected representatives in Brussels. I wanted Britain to work closely with our European friends in all kinds of areas, including security, science including climate change, for the next generation to retain free movement – basically for all the reasons I voted ‘Remain’ in the referendum.

Those of us who wanted to stay in the EU have lost. Both those who wanted a second referendum on any Brexit deal or those of us who preferred to honour the referendum result with the softest of all Brexits, basically Norway Plus Plus, we failed. It’s all over. If we had an issue with the disgracefully conducted referendum of 2016, the victory of Boris Johnson ended all that. It’s over. So, why is Ms Fox asking us “about what sort of country they want the UK to be”?

Since she must be bright enough to know the answer to that – she did go to University, after all, so there must be something going on upstairs – there must be some other reason for her question. I don’t think we Remoaners should rise to the bait.

What should happen now is that the people who won the battle to take us out of Europe must own the consequences as they must own the future. Boris Johnson can do as he sees fit given the size of his majority in parliament and it’s hardly likely that he will now seek to involve the 48% whose votes and opinions have counted for nothing for the last four years. Only Johnson and people like Ms Fox, at least until she gets laid off from the European parliament in a few weeks, can shape the future.

My feelings are shaped by exhaustion with Brexit, together with disillusionment with the course of our country and by the defeat, not just in the EU referendum, but also of centre left politics in our country.

In any event, I do not particularly wish to spend time debating with someone who supported the IRA, denied the genocide in Bosnia and defended the right of Gary Glitter to watch child porn. If that’s what being part of the Brexit Party is all about, I’ll cross by on the other side of the road, if you don’t mind.

My message to the likes of Ms Fox who have won the debate over Brexit is simple: you won, get over it. We fought hard to stop raising the drawbridge to Europe. We are the losers. To the winners go the spoils and don’t seek to blame us when things start to go horribly wrong.