The world is now split right down the middle about Donald Trump. There are those who know just how dangerous he is and those who are starting the big attack on House of Commons speaker John Bercow tonight after he announced that he would not want to invite Donald Trump to address the Houses of Parliament. Addressing both houses was “an earned honour” not an “automatic right”, he pointed out. As the writer Nick Cohen pointed out on social networks: “Amazing the number of people who still think Trump is just another politician.”

We all know that Theresa May’s state visit invitation to Trump was an act of weakness and desperation as she leads the United Kingdom out of the European Union in the hardest Brexit imaginable. Her desperate hand-holding grovelling was nothing less than an attempt to appease a dangerous, egotistical narcissist whose actions in the first weeks of his precedency are truly shocking.

It is scarcely believable that some people welcome the election of a man who “at least keeps his promises”. This is a man who lied his way into the White House with barely a policy to his name but plenty of gung-ho rhetoric. One clear aspect of his threadbare manifesto was out and out protectionism and we will not be exempt from any of it. Until this president, the United States looked upon as a strong ally principally because of our position of strength as one of the big countries in the EU. They knew they could do better business with the half a billion strong EU if we provided a bridge. Theresa May has spent a few weeks now burning bridges and the British people will pay a heavy price. A weak Britain out of Europe will be of no political interest to Trump but it will represent some nice cherry-picking for his high finance friends.

Bercow’s intervention changes everything now, though. There is not the slightest chance Donald Trump will allow the speaker’s comments to go unchallenged and once the red tops hit the news stands tomorrow, all hell will be let loose. Can you imagine what the Sun and the Mail will be saying tomorrow? They won’t be saying nice things about Mr Speaker, that’s for sure.

Someone with a bit of backbone simply had to take the initiative from the big bully boy in the White House and so it was John Bercow. The future of the world is in the hands of an unstable lunatic, bringing back memories for many of wars past. Who, in living memory, has attacked the judiciary like Trump, or referred to an entire religion as being a terrorist organisation? Which president has cosied up to Russia and it’s KGB thug of a president whilst attacking the CIA and FBI? And which president, who has built his presidency on the back of lies and untruths, then seeking to attack the free and independent media as being purveyors of fake news?

Many thought his pre election ranting and raving would be blunted by the office of president, but nothing has changed and if anything he is getting worse. I am in no doubt that we are in the presence of a fascist dictator and history can show what happens when people sit back and do nothing. In objecting to Trump addressing both houses of parliament, Mr Speaker has done us an enormous favour. We should not fawn to dictators or show them respect when they haven’t earned it and now it is up to the rest of us to stand up to evil, as this country has always done.

There is no need to fear any economic consequences of Bercow’s comments because Trump will fuck us over anyway. He wants Britain to be weak, just like he wants Europe to be weak because he believes that only Americans matter and not even all of them. As we leave the EU, it’s time for Mrs May to stop appeasing Donald Trump and rebuild friendships with our European friends. When we’re on our own in two years time, we are going to need as many friends as we can get.