“These bloody muslims, coming over here, working hard, driving up to Cumbria to help flood victims. Send ’em all home, especially that bleeding Amir Khan. What is he? Pakistani? Go back home to where you come from. We don’t want your sort over here!”

I’m sure someone, somewhere said something like that about Amir Khan, not realising that the great man comes from Bolton, rather than Pakistan. His dad, his wonderful dad, you may remember wore an outrage union flag waistcoat when Amir fought for Britain in the Olympics. These guys could teach us “True Brits” a thing or two about patriotism.

Amir turned up in Carlisle with fellow members of his foundation, some of whom happen to be (gasps) muslims. You know, those evil people Donald Trump wants to ban from entering the USA. They’re all terrorists, you see! Not only that, some of the women wore the hijab, which automatically makes them evil, so evil they helped Amir serve meals to hungry Cumbrians and hand out presents to children whose houses had been all but destroyed.

There were other muslims who turned up in Cumbria last week, just like there were those of other beliefs, many of none. And like Amir Khan they went there with one motive: to help.

Bolton’s finest said:”It’s very sad to see that people have had to leave their homes and all the furniture has been taken out of their houses and the floods have destroyed all the homes, the kids’ toys and everything else.
I just want to come here and give kids some new toys and bring moral support really. It’s right on my doorstep, I live in England, that is one of the reasons why I wanted to come and show my support. I do a lot of help around the world helping the needy and I thought why not England where I live.”

Amir Khan is not just Bolton’s finest: he is Britain’s finest too. He has used his fame and influence to great effect in Pakistan, in 2014 visiting the school in Peshawar where 132 children were killed by Taliban fanatics.

If only all muslims could be like him. Well, I’ve got news for you. Most of them are. There are wicked people who do evil things in the name of religion and that is a question that the world is trying and currently failing to address, but to suggest as Trump does, that muslims in particular are all bad people flies in the face of all available evidence.

Love that man, love what he stands for, don’t really understand his religion, don’t want to but am quite happy for him to believe in whatever he likes if it leads to what he has done for people in this country and abroad.