If you were wondering whether or not you were ‘woke’, then the Daily Hate Mail can explain. Here’s what it says:

So, if you discuss your feelings with colleagues, don’t have a fried breakfast and are interested in history then according to the Mail you are ‘woke’. Does this make sense? Of course, it doesn’t.

Obviously, the nasty little toads who produce this grubby little ‘newspaper’ exist purely to hate. For them, living in the past as they do, mental health can simply be resolved from keeping everything bottled up. If you have unbearable depression and anxiety, the only way to make it better is to do nothing. Fantastic advice.

I grew up at a time when no one talked about their mental health. My great Uncle George didn’t have anxiety: he had bad nerves which meant literally nothing to this boy as a young child, nor I doubt to anyone else. I learned years later his bad nerves were because of anxiety. And imagine if I told my school mates at Briz (Brislington) School that the reason for my regular Tuesday absences were because I was seeing a child psychiatrist? Given that I knew barely nothing about what a psychiatrist was or did – and I saw one in school hours for the best part of two years – I could only imagine what my school friends would have made of it. “Blimey – that Mole (I had a large birthmark on my face so some kind people called me Mole, as you do when you want to upset and even humiliate someone) is a mental case. Taunt him every day because this isn’t normal. Nutter.” I didn’t tell a soul until long after I left Briz. If the insult ‘woke’ had existed back then, I’d have never been accused of it.

I do tend to “shun (the) fried breakfasts” on the obvious grounds I’d put on even more weight, so this, according to Lord Rothermere’s repulsive organ, would definitely make me woke, as would my occasional dalliances with the very broad subject of history. Except that it’s all a load of bollocks.

‘Woke’ is the language of the culture wars adopted by right wing polemicists and gobshites, or Piers Morgan as we know him. They’re bullies and cowards, always punching down at a target rather than up. If you oppose racism, misogyny, homophobia and all the rest of it, you are woke, probably a snowflake and guilty of political correctness, which has usually gone mad. Well, fuck them all. I’m woke and proud.

I’d probably struggle in any fist fight – although I’d fancy my chances against the so-called anti-woke warriors like Morgan, Nigel Farage and Jim Davidson, all at the same time, actually – but I’ll stand up and argue my case with anyone who calls a decent person, or me, woke by way of an insult.

I hope people are tiring of the culture wars. They are all, without exception, being launched by elements of the hard right to divide us to rule. This has been the modus operandi of Boris Johnson throughout his political life. I find it utterly pathetic that common decency is belittled by brainless cretins like the people who give you the Mail, Sun, Express gutter press. The right wing political establishment win when we fall for their bullshit. Let’s not play their game.