I am in the middle of the most almighty wobble. Ever since his election, I have been resolutely opposed to the Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party. I still am today and as soon as humanly possible, I want a real leader to take over. In the meantime, he is all we’ve got. And I am wobbling.

Despite my reservations about Labour’s manifesto, it is still a million times better than that of Theresa May’s wretched Tory Party’s vacuous effort. I disagree wholeheartedly with Corbyn’s support for May’s hard Brexit, but I console myself with the fact that Labour’s Brexit team will be led by Keir Starmer and not a bunch of fools like Boris Johnson, David Davis and Liam Fox.

My wobble has been brought about by the sheer ignorance of Mrs May and her supporters. Whilst I fully expect the utterly useless Jack Lopresti to be returned to Westminster in Filton and Bradley Stoke (FABS), my intended vote for the Lib Dem candidate whose name I don’t even know might be worthless. Despite the bare minimum of scrutiny by the media, including the BBC, May has been brutally exposed as a political lightweight whose main ability is to stand like a robot mouthing soundbites. Over 40% of the public is likely to vote for the blank sheet of paper that is the Tory manifesto and I am being consumed with guilt if I don’t do something to stop it.

If my wobble means I vote Labour, it will be with great qualifications. From 9th June, the hard left takeover of Labour must stop. The endless harassment of Labour MPs and members by the hard left must end, the anti-Semites must be faced down and expelled. Labour must become the broad church of opinion it once was. Above all, Labour must seek a leader who can unite the party going forward, not lurch to Momentum-led oblivion.

My hatred of the Conservative Party and all it stands for is beginning to take over from my misgivings about Corbyn. Hate is a very strong word, but I hated Margaret Thatcher and she stood for and I hate her every bit as much today.

Corbyn is not going to win next Thursday, so I am coming to the conclusion that those of us who have progressive points of view, who want to save the NHS, who want schools adequately funded, who want dignity for those in old age, who oppose May’s dementia tax must vote to give her the smallest majority possible. And if we want to avoid the most damaging Brexit possible, we cannot allow someone as useless as May to be anywhere near the top table. A prime minister who doesn’t have the bottle to meet the public or debate policies on TV surely does not have the qualities to negotiate with the EU.

I am still wrestling with the dilemma because the last thing I want on Thursday is a strengthened and emboldened hard left in Labour who will seek to expel and remove those who do not submit to the hard left.

At least you knew where you were with Thatcher. She was positively evil and clever with it. May appears to be lightweight and stupid with it. What a choice we have, probably the worst in British electoral history. But one thing is for sure: this country cannot afford a Tory landslide.

Corbyn might be hopeless, but in his way he has given many people hope. May is worse than hopeless. Who would have thought that when May called her snap election.