“I may have PTSD,” says Rebekah Vardy, smarting from her failed libel action against Coleen Rooney. I’m afraid I have no knowledge of the specifics regarding the case, but the term PTSD, maybe just a little. I don’t know whether Ms Vardy has had an expert analysis, or that she can actually afford one given the £3 million she is believed to have spent on the court case, but it is definitely a condition to take very seriously.

I’ve just finished reading Michael Ashcroft’s excellent book Falklands War Heroes and there are numerous sad stories of our service personnel suffering great trauma after that war. Some saw things you would want no one to see and some literally could not live with it, taking their own lives in tragic circumstances. I admit to be in complete awe of our armed services, every single one of whom has far more courage in their little toes than I have in my entire body, and I found many stories heartbreaking.

A senior psychotherapist suggest recently that I too may have traces of PTSD as a result of my dysfunctional childhood, but as a family member he could not possibly give me a full diagnosis. Instead, I would have to take my chances with a National Health Service that doesn’t offer treatment for just about any form of mental illness, never mind trauma. It had never occurred to me that PTSD might be an issue and sadly, at least for me, I’ll never know for sure.

We do tend to toss around these terms without thinking them through. How many times have you heard someone say something along the lines of being “a bit OCD”? I’ve heard it loads of times and, having worked with people with actual OCD, the one show say it either have it very mildly so it’s little more than an irritation or more likely they haven’t got it at all. Similarly, you hear the word paranoid being used when paranoia itself is an utterly ghastly condition. I find it depressing. See what I did there?

“You may have PTSD, Ms Vardy, so why not get it checked out?” says I. “And while you’re at it, why don’t you take a lower profile? I have no wish to diminish any condition you have but telling The Sun in an exclusive interview that you have never leaked anything to…er…The Sun can’t be helping, can it? Rupert Murdoch’s drooping organ isn’t bothered about you or your condition, if you have one: he wants to sell newspapers to people who are desperately to know more about you.”

Your welfare is not their concern. And to be honest, the way she is behaving, it’s not mine, either.