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When left and right unite in hate

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When left and right unite in hate

Hey kids: look at the first line of this article from the Politics Home website: Jeremy Corbyn has said Brexit will put a stop to firms “importing cheap labour” to undercut the wages of UK workers. What do you think of that, then? Now pay attention. That’s you, the hipster kids at “Glasto” last year, calling out the name of this dinosaur from a time when Labour was completely unelectable. The Corbyn cult following adores a politician who echoes the words of Nigel Farage.

It is a matter of absolute fact that migrants have not undercut the wages of British workers. Migrants contribute to the British economy on a massive plus scale. Despite the great illusion perpetrated by the voices of hate and ignorance, people come to work here, to contribute. Like Ukip, the allegedly acceptable party of the far right, Labour’s leader doesn’t want those wretched foreigners coming here.

This “decent, principled pensioner”, who has never had an original idea in his life has another agenda. He wants us out of the EU, just like Farage, just like Johnson, just like Putin, just like Trump. He sees the EU as an obstacle to achieving socialism in one country. You know, like in Venezuela and Cuba. And this “decent, principled pensioner” is happy to use the language of the the extreme right, that migrants are little better than vermin, in order to get what he wants.

“Oh, he didn’t actually say that,” his apologists will argue. He likes foreign people. Some of his best friends are foreigners. Except when they’re jews, of course. Labour has an even bigger problem with jews. The people’s party will presumably be admitting Paul Golding to its membership once his prison sentence has expired, although wait a minute: Golding sounds a very jewish name.

Overreaction? Me? I don’t care. Angry? Just a bit. I joined the Labour Party in the 1970s when it was being taken over by the same type of people, the far left, paving the way for 18 damaging years of Thatcherism. And did they care? Did they fuck. The spiritual leader back then, as it remains today long after his death, was the dreamer Tony Benn, who dealt in little more than simplistic rhetoric. Corbyn is reheated Bennism but without the depth of thinking and even less principles.

Blame the foreigner. Whoever thought Labour would echo the words and deeds of Britain First? Well, I did.

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