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When Harry met Meghan

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When Harry met Meghan

Have you got no life? Too much time on your hands? Obsessed more with the lives of others than your own life? Have I got good news for you? At 9.00 pm on Monday your dreams will come true. ITV is showing a documentary entitled Prince Harry And Meghan: Truly, Madly, Deeply.

To save you having to googling just who Meghan is, she’s Meghan Markle. She’s an actor and a model, from all accounts. Harry is fifth in line to the crown, which means barring very bad, or good, luck, he has no chance of getting the big job. Given the level of media, and dare I say public, interest in his life, this probably the best news he has ever had.

There are reports in red tops that Harry and Meghan are inseparable, except when they aren’t. They’re engaged. They’re oh-so-much-in-love. It also transpires that Meghan has been married before. I’d imagine that the Queen must be mortified given that just about everyone else in the family has been through a messy divorce at some time. Her late sister Margaret and her children Charles, Andrew and Anne have all been through the divorce courts at some point. Queen Liz is probably not the best person to advise Harry on how his private life should proceed. But wait. Private life? What private life?

Doubtless, the Daily Mail will be running a souvenir edition later this week, a real collectors’ item for very sad people who collect this stuff, always assuming they have enough space to publish after attacking migrants and lying about Brexit. And why will they do that? Because Mail readers love this sort of stuff. (Other scumbag papers are available.)

My loyal reader will know that I am a big fan of Harry, which hardly squares with my usual republican stance. I know I can only go on what I see in the media, but he seems to be a guy who is relatively, though not totally, unspun, certainly less spun than his brother William, who I also like for reasons I don’t really understand. I love his work with Invictus, I respect how he has sought to maintain the legacy of his mother in so many areas, including AIDS and his understanding of mental health issues is little short of inspirational. A young man who has spent his entire life in a crazy, isolated, unreal existence has an uncanny grasp of what matters. Some achievement indeed. So I don’t want the media pouring over his private life. The role the media played in the death of his mother cannot be underplayed.

In a sensible world, when Harry met Meghan should be of no consequence to anyone. Of course, their relationship is being rammed down our throats and it’s our fault. Watch the show tomorrow and buy the red tops that splash on the “story” and we actively encourage the Paparazzi and the lowlife media trash. And we become as bad as them.

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