Here’s an easy one for you: what do you think about a “man” who mugs a 92 year old woman and stealing her pension as she walked back from the Post Office? Without going into too many details, the police have arrested a 41 year old man in connection with the incident. What possesses someone to do this? It’s what happened on the Fishponds Road last month.

I appreciate that stealing from a senior citizen born in the 1920s is probably one of the easier crimes that someone can commit. She was probably not able to fight back or chase the thief down the road. But much worse than this, she could have died.

I wonder what went through the attacker’s mind as he planned his daring deed. “Now let’s see. I need some cash PDQ, I am not going to do something undignified like work for it, I will probably not mug a young man as he emerges from the gym. I know: I’ll find the most vulnerable person, someone very old and on her own. That will sort out my financial problems.”

Perhaps I am judging too quickly. Perhaps there are reasons that will be revealed in the fullness of time, of an unhappy childhood, a drug problem, shocking mental illness – all of these things could be true. But why, oh why, a little old lady who may well be someone’s mum, someone’s granny, someone’s best friend?

Before I foam too much, there is a light in the darkness. There was much anger on social networks and consequently £400 was raised for the lady. This does not undo the wrong, but it does show, once again, that there are more good people than bad ones.

Whatever it was that necessitated a man needing money so desperately that he mugged a woman eight years from her hundredth birthday, we may never know, but it is surely unforgivable. I get all “hang ’em and flog ’em” when I hear stories like this and I am not sure I would be responsible for my actions if this lady was a relative of mine.