When Labour loses the next general election, I’d like to ask Corbyn’s outriders not to blame me. Nor should they blame the many millions of voters who can no longer vote for a party kidnapped by the hard left. They keep telling us they now have the party they want. It will be their fault when Boris Johnson wins a majority, not ours.

There are a good number of guilt trippers trying to get in the faces of mainstream left and centrist voters. “You must vote Labour because if you don’t, you will get Boris Johnson’s hard right Tory Party.” I know. I have had it myself.

I know the type. The typical middle class ex Uni hipsters who would not recognise a working class man if they pissed down his leg. They know best. They know that Jeremy Corbyn actually IS the messiah, not some elderly career backbencher with no discernible leadership skills nor ability. #JCP4PM, they sign their twitter posts.

They know really that Corbyn is a dud. He’s an accidental front man for a hard coup of the people’s party by the forces of the past, mostly white men in middle age and older, who are reheating Tony Benn’s simplistic slogans from a different century and pretending they are new. A heady combination of Stalinists and Trots, of fringe fanatics suddenly propelled to positions of power. But keeping control of Labour means pretending Corbyn is a potential PM.

A lifelong Labour voter, I let them have my vote in 2017 solely because of Brexit. I stupidly believed Labour would, at the very least, work if not for the abandonment of Brexit, then the softest imaginable version. What a fool believes?

An election is coming. Prime minister Johnson is in full campaign mode, with spending promises, ‘crackdowns’ on crime and any number of populist vote-grabbing ‘policies’. And we all know that Johnson as PM for many years will be catastrophic for the country. So, the comrades tell us, we must vote for Corbyn to keep him out. They can whistle.

It is not just Corbyn’s unsuitability for any form of office that means I cannot vote Labour and it is not just his history of aligning himself with tyrants, terrorists and murderers. It’s the people who pull his strings, like Stalinists Seumas Milne and Andrew Drummond-Murray, Union baron Len McCluskey, the thuggish John McDonnell, the buffoonery of Diane Abbott, Rebecca Long Bailey and Richard Burgon, the anti-Semitism that runs through this awful version of Labour.

We certainly need to keep Boris Johnson and indeed every other Tory out of office, so we need to think about how we do it. I see no alternative to voting Lib Dem, despite their ghastly years propping up David Cameron’s austerity heavy and cruel government. I have to believe that they have learned a painful lesson, a lesson that will be more painful for those who suffered from the consequences than the MPs Nick Clegg steered through the voting lobbies.

To vote for a party notionally led by a man who supported the IRA when they were at their murderous worst, a man who went to Tunisia to lay a wreath at the graves of men who killed and subsequently castrated Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics, who referred to the terrorists of Hamas as “friends”, who took money (£20k of it) from Iran’s state TV, a country where gays are routinely thrown from tall buildings, who for years has fought tooth and nail against western governments with his ‘work’ for the Trotskyist left group Stop the West – sorry, Stop the War. The past matters, certainly when it’s the past of the man who seeks to assume the highest political office in the land.

But Labour won’t win. Those of us who are appalled at the very idea of Corbyn as PM will not put our crosses in the Labour boxes. The idea that we must vote for Corbyn because he is less shit than Johnson doesn’t wash me with me. I will vote for someone I consider to be better than Johnson. And I won’t fall for the guilt-tripping of the chattering classes who quite fancy a hard left Labour government but won’t suffer if their purist dreaming doesn’t pay off.

Labour under Corbyn has been a total shambles. There is nothing to suggest it will get any better if, God forbid, he ends up in Downing Street. It’s more likely he would make things worse.