When this is all over™, I probably will go back to the pub for a few pints. I’m used to spending far less on booze by buying it from Morrisons, Sainsburys and Avery’s wine merchants, but I have friends and family to see and that will require pub visits. That will not include your actual Wetherspoons.

Occasionally, needs must and there is not always an alternative to a Spoons, so I am not formally boycotting the chain. But the point is, above everything else, that Tim Martin, who owns Spoons, is a see you next Tuesday.

It’s not just his enthusiasm for the hard Brexit he did his best to bring about, it’s about the way he treated his workers during the first lockdown. “Fuck off and work for Tesco,” was the gist of his advice to minimum wage staff. And any friend of Boris Johnson simply cannot be a nice man.

I will aim to spend my dosh in smaller, independent pubs and tap rooms. Even if I have to pay a few bob more, I’ll happily do so.

Johnson will tomorrow announce his roadmap for again opening things up too quickly and allowing pubs to open for people sitting outside will be a higher priority than, say reopening gyms and swimming pools. With spring about to be sprung, sitting outside will not be the end of the world and pleasingly few Spoons pubs have outdoor seating areas. Tough shit, Tim.

I like pubs, at least the old fashioned drinking versions, rather than so called Gastropubs. I like the social aspect, I like the atmosphere, most of all I like the ale.

I’ll be there around Easter when everything opens up again. And I’ll be more selective this time.

My message to Tim Martin is a very simple one: I hope you go bust.