In the interests of balance – and normally, I am very much opposed to balance on this blog – I feel compelled to share with you the most disgusting tweet from someone called Brexit Is Shit. I am guessing this is probably not his real name and given the sheer level of depravity required to post something like this, I can probably see why. Brexit is indeed shit but this tweet is worse than shit.

The photoshopped image, in case you didn’t know, is an altered version of the sign at the gates of Auschwitz, home of the gas chambers in which 1.1 million Jews were taken to die during World War 2. ‘Work sets you free’ is the real meaning. I feel slightly dirty for even reposting the image. Especially following last week’s 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Not the best timing, is it?

I’ve decided to publish this blog because it illustrates that whilst most of the Remain campaigners went high when Leave went low, a small minority, I would suggest, of the Remain side are every bit as capable of joining Leave in the gutter. Enough, I say.

If Mr Brexit Is Shit happens to read this blog, I hope he will have the bottle to reveal his true identity and either try to justify his vile tweet or apologise for it. After all, this country is divided enough without further poison being injected to its system.

Last week, I wept when watching some of the desperate stories from Auschwitz survivors and the stories of those who did not survive. This week, I’m angry about a Class A idiot who debases his cause, someone with whom I would not wish to associate as a true European.

Twitter should ban these anonymous accounts, take action on the basis of complaints made to this particular tweet, including mine, and out the lowlife who thought it somehow appropriate to share.

I have always believed Remain was on the moral high ground. Not with this account, I don’t.