One man for whom I (almost, but not quite) feel sorry for is the Brexiters’ pin-up boy Nigel Farage. This might seem an odd thing to say given the sheer obnoxiousness of the man, someone who has failed to become an elected British parliamentarian on numerous occasions. I would hazard a guess that there are probably some EU leavers who see Farage as I do, which is a dangerous, egomaniacal, bigoted, racist far right individual who does his best to spread hate. He was at it again attacking Brendan Cox the widower of Jo Cox who was murdered in cold blood by another far right thug, the odious Thomas Mair.

I appreciate that Mr Cox is immune from criticism, even after his wife was murdered by a right wing extremist and it is not a surprise that Farage piled in to attack him. He was entitled to say what he wanted and of course he did. Because that’s how he gets his kicks. I really believe that.

We all know what turns us on in life and Farage gets his metaphorical erection from spreading hate. There are those who get off by driving fast cars and others who get off by something as simple as running. But here’s the rub (I am sorry to use that term in the same paragraph as Farage’s erection): the nastier he is, the better he feels.

The Guardian journalist Michael White responded to one of my recent tweets in which I referred to Farage as “far right” suggested, in no so many words, that I was talking out of my arse in comparing him with other far right leaders, but in what way is Farage not of the far right? His xenophobia, his hatred of all immigrants apart from his wife, his political tactics of spreading hate and fear. That’s what fascists do. But too many people indulge him.

Let us be absolutely clear about this: Nigel Farage won the EU referendum. The victory for leave was his ultimate victory. But more than that, he did so on a campaign of fear and loathing. And he spent the entire campaign gurning for the camera. Now he gurns for Britain in America, alongside the most terrifying US president ever, trying to grovel for a job. Does anyone not believe that Trump is of the hard, maybe far, right? Wake up, everybody.

Once the EU referendum result was announced Farage stated he was now leaving politics to get his life back, having wrecked the lives of so many Brits now we are leaving, but the reality was that his life IS far right politics and he can never be happy unless he can get everyone to hate as much as he does. That is why he immediately returned to being Ukip leader and then spent time sucking up to Trump.

With Europe, Farage won the war and that dubious prize will always be his. He cannot help but try to stay in the public limelight but one day, when the grim reality dawns on everyone what Farage has really instigated upon us, he will begin to attract the same level of hate that he inflicts on everyone else. And it won’t be a day too soon.