There are a lot of things to hate about Donald Trump. He is:

  • A racist
  • A narcissist
  • A misogynist
  • Quite possibly a fascist
  • A liar
  • A climate change denier
  • Quite possibly a crook
  • A seriously unpleasant man

So, why on earth are we allowing a man, who for all we know is, or was, in the pay of the Russian government and could even face impeachment into our country?

Theresa May’s ludicrously premature invitation of a state visit to Trump laid the path to the current situation. It smacked of desperation as Britain gets ready to turn its back on Europe. “Give us a trade deal,” begged May. Her successor may well get one that involves handing over the NHS to US big pharma. But now the deed is done, should we be out on the streets to oppose Trump?

I have honestly felt conflicted by whether or not we should have allowed him to come at all, but what convinced me that we should not stand in his way was today’s decision by the notional leader of her majesty’s opposition who instead of meeting the leader of the western world will be the main speaker at a protest rally.

We know that Jeremy Corbyn is only happy when addressing a large meeting of people who already agree with him. He will be able to do that in spades in London tomorrow when an estimated 250,000 people will be there to protest at Trump’s visit.

Corbyn has anti-west history and a shedload of it. Stop the War opposes all western military activity but seems unconcerned at middle east terrorism. Corbyn was a senior figure in Stop the West…sorry…War for years. Corbyn didn’t at first believe Putin’s government was responsible for the Salisbury attacks. Many of his advisors are actual posh boy Stalinists. There’s plenty more where that came from.

Whilst I see Trump as a scumbag of the lowest order, he remains, for better or for worse, the leader of the free world. The USA is a key ally, even if the special relationship tag is utterly meaningless these days. And then there’s World War Two, where America literally saved our country. Trump will represent his entire country at some important events. Can’t we just tolerate his presence for a few days?

Surely the best way to deal with the likes of Trump is to engage and debate with them? Hopefully, although not certainly, his tenure as president will be a brief one and we can get back to some kind of normality with his successor. I hope so.

I was very tempted at one time to protest against Trump. Now I have seen the light. I do believe he is a sinister and dangerous man and probably the last person we want to have visiting our divided and broken nation.

I’ll try and look the other way and do something else for a few days. If Trump debases the US presidency, Corbyn does the same thing to those Labour Party members and supporters who regard America as our friend.