If I make a prediction, you can be sure that my friends will expect the exact opposite to occur. What I say usually doesn’t go. Here comes another prediction and even I hope this one will be proved wrong: Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States (POTUS).

I am not an expert on polling but the current figures, especially the Real Clear Politics (an excellent website) poll-of-polls, give the Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton a lead of 2.1%. This does not sound much and of course it isn’t much. It’s well within the possibility of error and one blunder, or health scare, could send the figures scurrying the other way.

You would have thought Trump had alienated enough voters to be in what we in Britain might regard as deposit losing territory, but this isn’t the case. He is currently polling 43.8% compared to Clinton’s 45.9%. This is truly scary.

Trump has regularly insulted Hispanics, black voters and, of course, women which suggests that his electoral heartland would only be white males. It looks like every white man in America is currently supporting Trump. The standard of the candidates is a major factor as to this state of affairs.

Clinton is widely regarded as a robot, part of a ruthless Democratic machine. For a variety of reasons, she is not loved or trusted by the American public. Her business affairs, not least the family philanthropic foundation which is shrouded in mystery, the lingering stench from her time as Secretary of State and the shambolic military intervention in Libya are reasons why. She is also a wooden campaigning figure. You could never say that Trump was a wooden campaigning figure.

For all his racism, wild reverses in policy positions, often on the same day, his lack of any political experience and knowledge of world affairs, his poll figures are holding up well. He would be a disaster as POTUS. But don’t take my word for it. Just look at what former CIA director Michael Morell said about Trump:

“Trump has no experience on national security. Even more important, the character traits he has exhibited during the primary season suggests he would be a poor, even dangerous commander in chief. These traits include his obvious need for self-aggrandisement, his overreaction to perceived slights, his tendency to make decisions based on intuition, his refusal to change his views based on new information, his routine carelessness with the facts, his unwillingness to listen to others and his lack of respect for the law.”

Apart from that, he’s the obvious man to lead the western world. And I have a feeling, just a gut feeling, that he is going to win.

The very thought of Trump as president scares the excrement out of most right-thinking people because – and let’s not mince words here – he comes across as more than slightly unhinged.

It will come down to a heavyweight contest between the Democratic Robot and the Republican Madman. How, in the land of the free, could they not come up with better candidates than these?