Today represented the lowest point of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party. Responding to an unexpectedly strong House of Commons performance by Theresa May in condemning the attack in Salisbury last week, Corbyn did the unforgivable. Instead of unreservedly condemning an attack on our country by a foreign power, Corbyn chose to make party political points about Tory party funding and urged the government to move to “reduce tensions” with Russia. Once more, this man proved his complete unsuitability to be prime minister.

There is a time and a place to question Tory party funding but that time is not when two Russians lie critically ill in hospital after being attacked by a nerve agent produced in Russia. A police officer is seriously ill in hospital, Salisbury city centre is still in lockdown and hundreds of people have been told to wash their clothes and personal items. To put not to fine a point on it, this is an attack on our country, on our freedoms, on our way of life. At times like these, we require that political leaders lead. To her credit, May stepped up to the plate while Corbyn showed his true colours, or rather the colours of his chief spin doctor the Stalinist millionaire Seumas Milne who now controls Labour policy.

Corbyn, or rather the organ grinders who control him, made a strategic blunder today which should never be forgotten. The first duty of a government is to keep us safe and May briefly became the PM we expected before her disastrous election campaign. She is hardly a great orator but the words rang true. So did Corbyn’s, though not in a good way.

The truth is that the comrades could not bring themselves to condemn the Kremlin. This should not come as a surprise given the history of the people at the top of the party and the reason Corbyn did not condemn the Kremlin because he has a great deal of sympathy for them.

The response from our government and governments worldwide will, I suspect, be devastating. And so it should be. Sanctions, retaliation and a boycott of the Football World Cup in Russia. Yes, even that. You can argue about sport and politics not mixing but the likely attempted murder on British soil will count much more.

May passed a test of real leadership today. Corbyn failed disastrously. Whatever happens, we should never forget that when it came to protecting our country he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Corbyn should resign tonight because he is not up to the job. He won’t because the comrades and his cult following can forgive him anything, I can’t.