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Trivial pursuit

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Anyway, what do you think about Meghan Markle’s dad? Are you worried out of your mind that he might not be able to walk his daughter down the aisle? Are you concerned that he has flogged some photos (of himself) to the paparazzi? Are you fretting that he might need heart surgery? Neither am I. It’s a media trivial pursuit of someone who is in the limelight because he is related to someone.

I may have misjudged this, but most people I speak with are not overly bothered with this week’s non events. Don’t get me wrong: I think Harry is rightly the most popular royal in what is a very small field of likability and we like Meghan Markle because she seems to be a very nice woman. I know a lot of people, especially large numbers of Daily Mail readers, who are not convinced that a distant heir to the throne should be of colour – the paper itself described her, helpfully, as bi-racial – but to most people, she’s an American woman getting married to a relatively minor royal.

Genuinely, I do not understand the attraction of going to Windsor in the early hours of Saturday morning to stand along the road in the hope of getting a brief glimpse of the happy couple. If they want to see a wedding, why not visit a local church? The people getting married will be as well known to you personally as the royals. Save yourself some time and money. Or listen on the radio and watch on telly.

I do not expect to be watching the event because, frankly, I could not care less. I will have a newspaper to read, a Warburton’s giant crumpet to eat, coffee to drink and Huey Morgan to listen to on BBC 6 Music. Saturdays are great for doing things you haven’t been able to do during the working week. For me, that does not include the marriage of two people I do not know and will never meet.

I wish the media would leave Ms Markle’s dad alone, but they won’t. I suppose the gutter press and the rest of the media have a considerable audience of people who, dare I suggest, have too much time on their hands. They will revel in the trivia. I just don’t hear anyone talking about it. Perhaps I just mingle in the right circles?

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