And, of course, the sun shines again for Ben Hiscox. Whenever an event takes place in our village connected to the King of the Village, it’s sunny and warm. All week, it’s been something like the 50 shades of grey but on the day when Clive Hiscox officially releases his book “Our Ben and Us” in – where else? – the Beaufort Arms the clouds have started to break and the light shines on us all.

If you happen to be around Stoke Gifford tonight, then get your arse to the Beaufort where you can buy a signed copy of this brilliant book. The evening kicks off at 7.00 pm and every idiot in the village will be in attendance, so many in fact that some will have sit outside the pub.

Allow me to re-produce Clive’s post from Facebook:

O.K. THIS IS IT!!! Today my family ( which has and ALWAYS will include Zoe ) and myself are Proud to announce the Official Release of Our Book “OUR BEN AND US” As from today you can pick up this book from any member of the family or by calling in to the “BEAUFORT ARMS ” based in Stoke Gifford. Tomorrow I will be revealing our very own webpage which you can simply click onto and order the book including postage. As from today the amazing Beaufort Arms public house will have copies of the book which you can purchase at any time any day for the cost of ¬£ 8 -00 OF COURSE should you wish to indulge in sampling a liquid refreshment that is purely an option😅 The choice is yours LOVE FROM ALL OF US TO ALL OF YOU!! XXX

See you very soon!