With the Labour Party under control by the hard left and nominally led by an elderly Marxist who has never had a proper job in his life, it is worth reminding ourselves what Labour under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown achieved between 1997 and 2010:

“Ah yes,” I hear you cry. “What about Iraq?” To which I reply, what about it? We can argue all we like about whether or not it was right to depose Saddam Hussain but let’s stick to the point: did New Labour meet its promise that things could only get better? Of course it did.

The achievements listed above are real. Every single one. Under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, ours was a better, fairer country. Internationally speaking, just look at what Labour achieved with regard to the poorest countries in the world. That was New Labour.

This week, our divided and broken country is about to see a new prime minister, one Alexander Boris De Pfeffel Johnson, known to his family and friends as Al, known to the rest of us as Boris. Johnson has no plan, no principles, no policies; nothing more than a lifelong ambition to be PM.

Of course, not everything was perfect under New Labour but I can tell you this for certain: this was a more united and happier country. All the things that matter to us got better. Britain was great again.

If the Tories now have Johnson, Labour has Jeremy Corbyn, a man also without a plan for anything. Yesterday’s career backbencher is, supposedly, tomorrow’s PM. Dream on, comrades. It is perfectly conceivable that under a Corbyn government things could only get worse. And you can call those of us who supported New Labour and all it stood for Blairites, Neoliberals, red Tories – call us anything you like. New Labour governed for the many, not just the few.

When Tony Blair was PM, Britain was respected throughout the world. Britain had a strong partnership with America, we were strong in Europe. Today, our new PM refuses to call a racist president a racist and we are now a laughing stock not just within Europe but throughout the rest of the world.

“Ah yes, but what about Iraq?” No. Just look at Labour’s record in power. It is even better than I remember it, not least because I do not believe I will see another Labour government in my lifetime and with Corbyn as the alternative PM, I’d rather not anyway.