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They think it’s all over…

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They think it's all over...

Well, that was difficult to watch. Theresa May’s leadership speech wrecked by an endless coughing fit. I watched and listened to all of it and now can barely remember a word she said. Cruel that her career should end like this, but I can’t help but wonder if this will be the last time she addresses the Tory loyalists as prime minister. Anyone can have a cough like May has had today. Iain Duncan Smith has managed an entire career with Freddie the Frog stuck to his vocal chords. It never stopped him being a disastrous leader, did it?

I fear – well, actually I don’t fear – that May’s vocal issues will be seen as metaphor for her political career. Not even May’s greatest admirers would suggest that she was a skilled orator, rather the reverse, but punctuated by numerous coughing fits this was pitiful to behold. And it needn’t have been this way.

Politicians in the modern age are usually micromanaged to ensure things like this don’t happen. Speakers, like singers, are urged to warm up before performances. Doctors and vocal coaches are regularly employed to get speakers and singers through performances. It is not actually that hard to manage even the most severe cough and cold. This dysfunctional political party couldn’t even do that.

Worse still, how on earth was an alleged comedian able to get close to the PM? What if this man was a terrorist? I am not joking here. 9/11 happened when terrorists used box cutters to attack airline pilots. We could have watched murder on national television. If the Tories can’t protect the prime minister, what hope for the rest of us?

May’s was a frog called anxiety. The pressure she was under, leading a hopelessly divided party, having to make a lengthy speech without really saying anything of substance. The fact that she finally got through it, after giving the impression throughout that she might not is no triumph over adversity. The prime minister of a country in desperate need of leadership coughed and spluttered to the extent that the content went unheard by the country. What do you think will capture the news bulletins and newspapers? It won’t be the laundry list of vague promises: it will be that of a woman in a job she isn’t up to doing, almost throwing up (it did look like that might have happened). Those of us who are interested in politics will know that. Those of us who are not interested will just see and hear the coughing.

I can’t wait for May’s cheerleaders in the Telegraph, Mail, Express and Sun will present this one tomorrow. They can’t pretend it didn’t happen, that it wasn’t a car crash, that is hasn’t put a further dent in her credibility. Sorry, this is a tough world and politics is a tough business.

I didn’t even notice until late on that a letter was missing from the backdrop which I feature next to this blogpost. If May wasn’t finished before this speech, she is now.

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