A hard right news TV outlet, which employs fuckwits like Nigel Farage and Dan Wootton, today asked this vital question: Was Adele right to get Spotify to remove the shuffle button as the default option on album pages, so it automatically plays in the artist’s own order? The way the question is phrased would surely demand a yes or no answer, but surely it’s more complicated than that?

If I had a gun placed to my head, I would have to say yes, the music was created by Ms Adkins and she can do what she likes with it. If you actually pay for her music, say by buying a physical copy, something I confess I would never do because I can’t stand her music, then you can play it how you like. If you stream from a service like Spotify, which is basically legalised theft of an artist’s work, I’m not sure you are in much of a position to complain. Just be grateful you are accessing someone’s work for a tiny fraction of a penny.

I still buy loads of music and I am the first to admit there are albums in my collection which contain a few duds. And sometimes you buy an album which has a lot of good songs, but maybe one absolutely stellar track, Take for example the new album by My Morning Jacket, originally titled My Morning Jacket. It’s right up there with their best work but I cannot escape the feeling that Love Love Love is a cut above everything on the record. So, I listen to it over and over again, far more than the other tracks.

Having heard some of Ms Adkins music over the years, my instant reaction upon hearing anything by her is to find another station, something that is happily not necessary on BBC 6 Music where only on a very bad day would you catch one of her songs. But if your choice is one of the generic commercial stations, like Heart, Smooth and Capital (other forms of musical diarrhoea are available), you will almost certainly hear her depressing, self-absorbed whinging. It’s there if you want it. But hang on: what does Ms Adkins think about a station just playing one of her songs?

If she’s telling Spotify users they can only listen to her songs in the order she has chosen, how come she is content to allow us to hear one song in isolation? Surely, her fans would be missing out on the whole Adele experience, capturing only a small aspect of her relationship breakdown instead of the whole thing? Then again, perhaps Ms Adkins recognises the importance of her music being promoted as much as possible in order to generate physical sales and radio royalty payments, both of which will boost her bank account far more than someone playing it through a streaming company that rips of all songwriters?

People should be free to listen to whatever music they like and play it in whatever order they like. If they buy it rather than stream/steal it, that’s exactly what they can do. And as long as I don’t have to listen to Ms Adkins too, we’re all happy, aren’t we?