Where to begin with this, apparently genuine, post on a social network? The pre Brexit conversation will have gone like this:

  • UK: “We want to leave the EU.”
  • EU: “Okay.”
  • UK: “We want to end free movement between the EU and UK in both directions.”
  • EU: “Okay.”
  • UK: “We want to be a third country.”
  • EU: “Okay.”
  • UK: “But we still want to be able to live, love, study, work and retire in EU countries.”
  • EU: “No. You have left the EU, chosen to end free movement and now you’re a third country.”
  • UK: “Fucking EU.”

To me, this is both very funny and very sad at the same time. I am sure that many Brexiters knew what they were voting for but by the same token there were a good few who were taken in by the lies of Vote Leave and Leave EU. For example, I clearly remember Michael Gove lying to a TV studio audience that leaving Europe would have no effect on their freedom to move between countries. He made a point to a smiling audience that people would still be able to retire in EU countries. What he didn’t say was just how hard it was going to be.

I have no wish to get into a debate about the whys and wherefores of Brexit. So far as I am concerned, it’s done, if not forever, though that is a possibility, but for generations to come. Those of us who enjoyed the benefits of EU membership have lost the argument and everyone has lost the benefits of EU membership. But what I can’t stomach is these idiots blaming the EU for the consequences of what 52% of voters wanted in the 2016 referendum. The “fucking EU” has kindly done exactly as we asked.

There are no remainers or leavers anymore. The Brexit ship sailed long ago. Johnson and his fellow leavers promised us the world on steroids if we just left Europe. It’s time for him to deliver and turn his words into action. An extra £350m a week to be spent on the NHS and this great world of opportunity for all our people with free money for everyone. Tenerife Boy had better wise up and accept the new normal back in Olde England. And if he thinks things are bad in his life, then maybe he should have a word with the 94% of fishermen who voted to leave. I’m not sure they’re too happy, either. But it’s what we wanted.