I really could have done without Jon Lansdown’s sneering at Bristol Rovers today. Daddy’s boy Jon, who has obviously achieved great things at Bristol despite having a billionaire father, decided to focus not on his own club, Bristol City, but instead his erstwhile crosstown rivals, Bristol Rovers. The gist of his ‘hilarious’ twitter comments were along the lines of “It’s the FA Cup third round draw tonight. I wonder who we will draw. What number are Bristol Rovers?” What a shining wit this man is. Or is it a whining…oh let’s not go there.

Yes, yes: Rovers went out of the FA Cup yesterday to a non league club. We noticed that one, Jon (if I may call you Jon, or is prat a better word?). But thanks for pointing it out anyway. What’s the next trick? To wave a wad of daddy’s £50 notes in front of us?

With Little Jon, I suppose we should accord him some respect, assuming that it is possible to respect someone who has built a career on someone else’s wealth. He’s the heir to his daddy’s billion quid, much of which is stashed away in at least one of the Channel Islands. Thanks to his dad, we all have to pay more in taxes to prop up to the NHS, decent schools and all the rest of it and because the exchequer doesn’t have enough money to fund adequate social care, people like Steve, love him, can live lives of luxury whilst the most venerable can go to hell. But Little Jon still feels the need to gloat. Nice man.

In relative old age, I have found perspective and football is not a matter of life and death to me. If Rovers lose, my weekend is no longer in tatters, if City win or lose, it is of little or no consequence to me. I’ve bitten to Little Jon’s baiting, but it is not going to keep me awake at night. If he wants to play the Billy Big Bollocks routine, how his club is the big monster about to set the Premier League alight and we are merely nobodies, losing to non league clubs, then let him get on with it.

As we know only too well at Bristol Rovers, inherited wealth maketh the man into someone very different to the man who actually made the hard yards and made the millions himself. Petty-minded and proud of it, arrogant, out of touch with the lives of those who stand on the terraces and very much looking down on everyone else. Pathetic.

We’re only a division and a new ground away from you, Jonny Boy. As the famous American popular beat combo outfit Little Feat once sang: “It’s high time that you found the same people you misuse on the way up, you might meet up on the way down.” Mind how you go, lad.