The time has come

Well, nearly

by Rick Johansen

If there’s anything that floats the boat of my loyal reader, it’s my non-awaited, not particularly prestigious albums of the year award. Just imagine being even slightly interested in what I think about new music? No, you can’t, can you? But the thing about writing a blog, I can write what I like and if it makes me happy, it can’t be that bad.

Normally, it’s my top ten albums of the year that I feature, but 2023 is going to be problematical. Not because of a paucity of new albums. The complete opposite. I would go so far as to say that this has been a truly great year for new music.

I make this claim even though I do not have the first idea what’s in the charts at the moment. I studied the top forty earlier on and I have to admit I don’t know many of the songs, or even the artists. That is not to say the charts are full of rubbish because that’s what older people used to say when I was young. Perhaps, the charts belong to young people and it’s quite right that I am completely out of touch with the music of Da Yoot.

Either way, my albums of the year are not necessarily the best albums of the year, even though, somewhat pompously, I will probably refer to “the best of 2023”. Well, why not? That’s what the so-called experts always say, so why shouldn’t I?

One thing is for sure: we live in the greatest era for music. What I mean by that is that in this era we can listen to all the music that has ever been made. Of course, that also means we have access to the worst music that has ever been made – Queen, Muse, that kind of thing – but unless you suffer from listening difficulties, like listening to an oldies rock station and nothing else, it’s easy enough to avoid.

What it means to me is that I get the chance to listen to the very best music of 2023 all over again.

Anyway, just to put you in the mood, here’s one of the top tunes of 2022 which I didn’t hear until it was far too late to include in last year’s best ofs. Enjoy Stevan’s Crash feat Tommy Richman. It’s mint.

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