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The state we are in

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The state we are in

The most incredible aspect of current British politics is that the Conservatives and Labour are neck-and-neck in the opinion polls. It doesn’t feel like that and we know the polls can be, and have been wrong, but what does this say about the state of the nation?

Theresa May was severely weakened by both the loss of her majority in the recent general election and by her abysmal performance. In a short election campaign, she was revealed to be wholly out of her depth. She managed to keep the Tories in government by bribing the hard line Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to support her. However, an incompetent leader with no credibility has somehow managed to make the Tories even weaker.

Today, May has cancelled the weekly cabinet meeting. I am sure that there will be reasons given although I’ll bet they are not the real reason. These, I suggest, are some of the real reasons:

* May cannot stand even being in the same room as chancellor Phillip Hammond. Following her expected landslide victory at the election, Hammond was to be sacked. May was so weakened after her failed campaign, she couldn’t sack him.

* Boris Johnson opened his mouth yesterday and by so doing could condemn a British/Iranian woman to a further five years in prison. And he hasn’t apologised.

* Priti Patel went on holiday to Israel last summer and whilst she was there had 12 meetings with officials, one of whom was the prime minister. She didn’t tell the PM and when questioned about it, she lied.

* Deputy PM Damien Green is accused of storing extreme porn on his work computer, which he denies.

* Leader of the house Andrea Leadsom reported to May that former defence secretary Michael Fallon has offered her the opportunity to warm her hands on his penis.

And that’s just some of the personal stuff. Add to that the politics and they are in a lot of trouble.

Brexit, the great challenge of our age, our lifetimes, is being negotiated by these people, yet 18 months after the referendum the government has no policies and no aims. David Davis refuses to publish the Brexit impact assessments so the country is prevented knowing just how it will effect them. Nothing else is happening in Westminster, nothing at all.

We have previously discussed the abject absence of leadership in the country and it’s worse than ever. May stumbles from one disaster to another whilst the main opposition party, Labour, says nothing. When we talk about out of their depth leaders, let us make no mistake that Jeremy Corbyn also falls in that category. I have always believed that Corbyn is a front man for even more sinister people. He is allegedly a man of principle, which is why he meets key members of Hezbollah and Hamas but refuses to meet the prime minister of Israel. If May has nothing to offer our country, then neither does Corbyn. I suspect the opinion polls reflect that quite accurately. The electorate trusts neither side.

On top of this comes the tax bombshell, where the super rich are (legally) squirrelling away their millions out of this country. With millions in insecure, minimum wage jobs, the rich and powerful can do what they like. A sporting hero can dodge over £3 million in VAT whilst the rest of us get demands and bills from HMRC and we cannot disagree. The reality is that things are out of control.

What I find simply incredible is that one third of the people still strongly support Brexit. I suppose we should not be surprised but it’s more than that. One third of the people believe that May, Johnson, Patel, Davis et al are competent enough to carry out the most complex negotiations ever. They must do, otherwise they would sure call for a pause until the government got its act together, always assuming it was capable of so doing.

David Cameron will go down as the worst British prime minister ever for taking the UK out of the EU when really what he was intending to do was end the permanent divisions within the Tory Party over Europe. It is Cameron who deserves all the grief he will get if we actually do leave the EU and, as we expect, the country leaps off an economic cliff. If Cameron is the worst PM, May is not far behind. Worse still, the man most likely to succeed her is a man still wedded to the failed Labour policies of the 1970s and 1980s, someone who has never held so much as a bag carrying job for a minister or even shadow minister and whose only job was chair of the Haringey Council housing committee in the 1970s.

Pessimistic? You should be, Brextremist or Remoaner. A weak, divided and incompetent government trying to conduct the most complex peacetime negotiations ever with no opposition worthy of the name.

I cannot see this ending well.

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