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The state of this country

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The state of this country

For those of you despairing at the state of this country as Theresa May’s allies in the DUP torpedo the government’s desperate efforts to secure a deal with the EU, please do not be reassured by the only alternative to the Tories, the Labour Party. As we lurch from crisis to possible disaster, we have one party, the Conservatives, at war with itself and another, Labour, standing idly by on the other side of the road. If you are not worried, then you should be.

Radio Four’s Today programme obviously majored on the current EU fiasco and was heavily criticised for not including spokespeople from either the Tory Party, the DUP or Labour. Typical biased BBC, some people were saying. But it was not quite as simple as that. As the presenter Nick Robinson pointed out, all three parties were asked to supply spokespeople and all declined. In a purely political context, I can understand, though not condone, the decision of the Tories and the DUP to stay off the air. Labour’s absence is inexcusable and illustrates yet again just how unsuited the party is for government.

The strategy, if that’s what it is, to do nothing but wait for the government to collapse may be appealing, again in political terms. Clearly, Corbyn’s top team – and what a top team it isn’t, with assorted Stalinists, Marxists and the reheated Bennite comrades of the 1980s calling the shots, or not as the case may be – has concluded that it is not necessary to actually have a Brexit policy of their own. After all, that is precisely how Labour conned its way to a surprisingly good defeat in the last general election. Let the Tories implode and our day will come. What an insult to the electorate.

Let us be clear about this: Jeremy Corbyn and his fellow comrades are Brexiters pretending to be remainers, which is the precise opposite of Theresa May. Corbyn barely bothered to campaign in the referendum and should bear a huge responsibility for the vote to leave the EU. The comrades have always opposed the EU because they see it as an obstacle to socialism in one country. You know, the socialism that has worked so well in Cuba and Venezuela. The EU, to the comrades, is a bosses club. They get round their dislike of the EU by saying next to nothing about it. This is nothing less than a dereliction of their duty.

Today is one of the most listened to and influential news programmes anywhere in the media. It enjoys huge audiences and impacts on the agenda for the rest of the day’s news. With the government in turmoil, it beggars belief that Labour could not be bothered to put forward anyone to offer an opinion. With the other main players making a tactical decision to stay away, Labour was facing an open goal if it had fielded one of its better spokespeople. Instead, they stayed away.

What a shambles this is. A weak, incompetent and divided government gazing across the House of Commons at a once great party, now led by political dinosaurs who have never had an original idea in their lives and have never sought, or been considered by others, for serious responsibility in government or opposition, with a leader whose only qualification for leadership was as chair of the Haringey Council housing department in the 1970s.

The head banging faction of the Tory Party has now aligned with the hardline extremists of the DUP and Theresa May is now boxed in. And at the same time, her majesty’s opposition is in political hibernation. This is going to get far worse and there are no signs it will get better in the foreseeable or even unforeseeable future.

This is no time for “I told you so” politics. Both remainers and leavers foresaw these issues, especially regarding Northern Ireland, the only difference being that the leavers told us they would be easily solved. Worse still, the country is now being run by am unholy combination of the Corbynite hard left and the Farage/Johnson/Gove hard right headbangers whilst the rest of us can go hang.

No wonder this country is so divided. No one seems to trying to unite us, to seek out compromises, to get together on the common ground. The country is devoid of vision, competence and leadership from all sides. Things can only get worse.

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