If Danny Baker deserves to get axed from the BBC – and he does – because of his racist tweet – and it was racist – then can someone please explain to me how, on the very same day, the far right English nationalist Nigel Farage, who has made a good living out of racism and bigotry, is being paid by the self-same BBC to appear for the 33rd time on Question Time? Whataboutery it may be, but it’s still relevant.

I suspect that, as I blogged yesterday, Baker was an accidental victim of his own ego, his crass over-confidence. He overstepped the mark and even many hours after his sacking he was still raging against the dying of the light. #fuckem was his valedictory tweet to the BBC. Now, Baker is in the twatosphere, still hurling abuse in the form of tired banter, spunking away a career already on the slide, not quite over but near enough to Talk Sport as to no longer matter. Farage’s career has been over many times before. He’s still here though.

Lest we forget, Farage has failed to be elected to parliament on no less than seven occasions. He’s the friend of Trump, Steve Bannon, Julian Assange and every nut job in the world of far right nationalist politics. Whilst he has been elected to the EU parliament, the career politician he decries but actually is, seems to get more media coverage than any other MEP. Who could name another MEP? On the BBC’s Question Time last night, there were two hardline Brexiters, one of whom was Farage, a Labour spokesman who is not even a household name in his own family, a Tory and not a single Lib Dem, a party that, until 2015, had jobs in David Cameron’s Tory government. So, why was Farage on?

Is it because someone at the BBC finds him somehow entertaining? Is it because the BBC covertly supports and agrees with him? (Listen to Radio Four’s Today programme and it’s easy to imagine.) Is it because the BBC is frightened of Farage and the hard right? Above all that, why was he on the show for the 33rd time?

Danny Baker proved in his response to his sacking that he deserved to be sacked. Nigel Farage has done and said far worse than Baker, over a far longer period of time, yet he is still invited back time and time again. The situation is different but the issue is the same. If Baker was fired on the grounds of zero tolerance of racism, then why indulge Farage who has clearly shown racist traits throughout a political career for which he has been generously rewarded?

If Baker had to go, so should Farage, the man who poisoned Britain.