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The School Drive

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The School Drive

Chelsea tractors everywhere this morning as I made my way to the local Co-op to purchase my newspaper. (This is what elderly people do.) I have never seen anything like it, at least not since yesterday. Does anyone walk anywhere these days?

One tractor, the size of a bus, I know for a fact had been driven no more than 200 yards to deposit the child near our local junior school. This, surely, can benefit no one, least of all the kids, who really ought to be getting some exercise.

To my astonishment, I joined a lengthy queue of parents and sleepy looking children in order to complete my purchase. I would not pretend this was necessarily an accurate cross-section of parents and pupils but this was all about sugar, fat and salt. Young children clasping energy drinks, sweets and salty objects. This is the sort of thing we were fed in our day when it did not occur to anyone that these might not necessarily be the most appropriate health-giving products to consume.

In the 1970s, kids either walked or got the bus to school. It wasn’t even a discussion. If it rained, we got wet. If it was cold, we got cold. It never occurred to us, or our parents, that we should be cosseted, wrapped up in cotton wool and kept in the warmth 24/7. I’m sorry if this reads like it was so much better back in my day because in many ways that is not the case. However, I cannot imagine this benefits anyone.

My asthma was activated by the 4X4s belching out diesel and petrol fumes and I can only imagine how this affects young, developing lungs. There was even a queue waiting to get in the car park by the school. Can it be that bloody difficult to walk? The way things are going, everyone will be too obese to walk anywhere.

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