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The royal scam

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The royal scam

Perhaps someone could explain to me why they are interested in the forthcoming wedding of Pippa Middleton to James Matthews. Yes, I know who Ms Middleton is: she’s the sister of Kate who is married to Bill Windsor. In our meritocratic country, she makes a shed load of money from organising parties for rich people. Bless her and she’s now marrying a bloke I’ve never heard of. I know I am writing about it, but so effing what?

The BBC informs me that Pippa’s engagement ring cost £250k and her glass marquee a mere £100k. I’ll think about that the next time I accompany someone to a food bank of help a senior citizen try to get help with personal care. It is not, of course, Pippa’s fault that she is stinking rich, despite having no more talent than your average working class riff-raff but I am not sure that being related to a duchess qualifies her for celebrity status.

But celebrity she is. Pippa fills the pages of both the gossip magazines, as well as countless pages in the red tops where, amazingly to me, people spend good money to ogle at pictures of her. I can kind of understand that. As a mere male of a certain (old) age, Ms Middleton is I admit easy on the eye but no more so than any other woman. I wouldn’t buy the Daily Mail to gaze at her “pert bottom”, as Paul Dacre’s odious organ describes her supposedly main asset, but I guess it takes all sorts.

What possesses folk to have an interest in Kate’s sister, Princess Di’s butler and the Duke of Edinburgh’s urologist? The latter is simply taking the piss, isn’t it?

Good luck with that wedding, Pippa. Your huge wealth will buy you an awful lot of trinkets and travel well beyond the lives of ordinary folk all over the world, but it won’t buy you happiness, nor will it guarantee a more fulfilling life than anyone else’s. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a sycophant, a liar or both.

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