Someone has had a word with Boris Johnson. A year into the coronavirus pandemic, spectacularly mishandled by Johnson to disastrous effect, and today he finally appeared to get something right. In the House of Commons, Johnson unveiled his roadmap out of restrictions.

Replacing the usual bluster and bullshit, the lies and half-truths and wild over-optimism, Johnson stuck to the script so carefully prepared by his advisors. And it worked to the extent that there was next to nothing for Labour leader Keir Starmer to criticise.

Everything in the roadmap is subject to a mountain of what ifs and the timeframes are liable to slip if the numbers start to go north. Call it a wish list if you like but by the end of Johnson’s statement, delivered generally with a serious face, I was hopeful that maybe the light of the tunnel might not be an oncoming express after all.

Theoretically, we could be close to the old normal by 21st June if the numbers hold up but that, again, is a very big if. So what do I know for my own plans?

  • I might get a haircut on 14th April
  • I might be able to sit in a pub garden on the same day
  • I can play golf from 29th March
  • I can go to a football match from 17th May which is dead handy since the season will be long over
  • I might be able to go to Spain to visit relatives in June, but only if Spain do as well with the vaccine roll out as we are doing. As they have only just got around to the over 90s, the prospects are not great.

So, fair play to Johnson for mostly getting the content and tone right, probably for the first time ever. His only big lie was to say that the main reason we have been able to roll out the vaccine so quickly and effectively is because we have left Europe. It would be far too much to expect Johnson to tell the truth all the time.

The road is long, with many a winding turn. Which leads us to who knows where, who knows where. Hopefully, it’s somewhere better than where we are today.