For the second morning running, and probably for the millionth time, I felt like strangling a cyclist. What is it with some, perhaps many, cyclists that they appear to be immune from the rules of the road and the laws of the land?

Today, I stopped to allow some children to cross the road on their way to school. As yesterday, a cycle terrorist tore up the inside to undertake me, scaring the proverbial out of the children and in one instance a young mum who was accompanying them. No attempt to stop, certainly no apology. Within a few yards, they jumped a red light, as cyclists do. Is it not time for the police to make examples of a few of these idiots. They all have the following in common:

  • They rarely bother with cycle helmets
  • Almost always, they are listening to music on their headphones
  • They undertake
  • Traffic lights do not apply to them
  • They put the lives of others at risk

If this was merely an occasional blip, I might be able to live with it, but it isn’t. It’s the norm. Maybe it would be generalising to accuse all cyclists of being irresponsible maniacs. However, it does feel like it.

There is a video doing the rounds on social networks where a cyclist, as per normal, jumps a red light and is confronted by angry, although impressively calm, pedestrian who somehow manages to punch resist punching his lights out. It has been shared millions of times. And why? Because people see it happening all the time?

I wish a covert sting would take place at the end of our road and see all the offenders taken to court and prosecuted. Expressions of concern and polite requests to cyclists appear to fall upon deaf ears. Perhaps, there is one way they might actually listen and that’s by treating them as the law breakers that they are. In other words, let them know that a consequence of their actions might not just be dangerous – and that’s bad enough – but also that they could end up with a criminal record, not a good look for certain groups of people, like for example highly paid civil servants who work at the nearby MOD establishment.

If these cycle terrorists refuse to respect the rules of the road and the well-being of others, why not ensure they face large fines, even confiscation? Some of these bicycles cost thousands, not hundreds, of pounds. Get them off the road before they maim of even kill someone else.