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The Power goes out

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The Power goes out

And so farewell Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor. Unarguably, the greatest darts player who ever stepped up to the oche, the man who turned darts from a simple pub game into thousand stag nights, a sport where hardly anyone turned up to watch the game itself, but to get magnificently, monumentally pissed. The Power has retired. Long live The Power.

I am not sure that Taylor is the most pleasant sportsman whom ever lived. Back in 2001 he was found guilty of indecently assaulting two women who returned to his van after a darts evening. Rumours have occasionally surfaced about his character, or lack of it, but none of it was proven. A man cannot be damned by rumour and speculation alone. I suspect if other scandals had come to light, we would know about them by now. Instead, we say goodbye. How he will be missed.

In recent times, the slightly fading Taylor was caught by the young kids on the block. The snarling young Dutchman Michael van Gerwen, the ludicrous Peter Wright and now the new world champion Rob Cross. I am going to be honest and say the only one I ever wanted to win was Taylor. For all his genus, I cannot warm to MVG or the others I have named. For all their brilliance, their personalities are nothing compared to Taylor.

Taylor was a bad loser, quite possibly because he hated losing so much and wasn’t very good at it. I have no problem with that. Granted, we all love to see someone who is gracious in defeat. I get that. As a parks footballer, I was every bit as bad a loser as I was a footballer. I absolutely loathed losing. In the unlikely event a TV reporter had caught me after a defeat in the Bristol and Suburban League, I would have come across as the embittered sore loser that I was. If it wasn’t the referee’s fault, there would be another reason. I might realise later that we had lost to the better team but never at the time. I was utterly graceless in defeat. After losing the final of the PDC championship, Taylor was in far better spirits than I would have been. Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.

PDC darts won’t die with the retirement of Taylor because its success has little to do with the game itself. Watch Sky’s coverage and you will see a crowd barely interested in the participants, not even looking at the big screens. It’s turned getting shit-faced into an art form.

Whilst the best players are all in the PDC, the proper darts for me will always be the BDO World Championship. Whereas the PDC is the Premiership and probably the Championship, the BDO is everything else, right down to grassroots level. I don’t care that the so called superstars are in the PDC and that most BDO players have proper jobs away from the darts. In a way, that’s how it should be and how it would be without the boozy hype of Sky and the PDC.

Bring on the BDO title, welcome to Lakeside. Long live Phil Taylor, the greatest player who ever lived and long live the BDO where it all started and, just a few years ago, gave us Anthony Fleet from Australia, arguably the worst player the tournament had ever seen.

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