Yes, it’s back despite popular demand: the Friday Music Shuffle, courtesy of the blue tooth speaker here in my Man cave.

Let’s rock, man.

1. The Verb “To Love” by Todd Rundgren. What a start. And this great tune is almost 40 years old.

2. Sea Breezes by Roxy Music. This one is a staggering 45 years old, taken from Roxy’s stunning debut album called Roxy Music.

3. Nether Lands by Dan Fogelberg. This is on my favourite Fogerberg album, The Very Best of Dan Fogelberg. Great singer of great songs, backed by the likes of Don Henley, Joe Walsh and JD Souther. This is very slightly Christmasy.
“I want a lover
I want some friends
And I want to live in the sun
And I want to do all the things that I never have done.”

4. Illegal by Shakira ft Carlos Santana. This little gem is from the little lady’s Oral Fixation 2 long player.

5. The Birdman of EC1 by Saint Etienne. This one comes from the excellent Tales from Turnpike House album.

6. A Love of Your Own by the Average White Band. Nothing average about the AWB. Some gorgeous smooth R&B.

7. Hello Goodbye by the Cure ft James McCartney. The Art of McCartney has some great cover versions and Robert Smith singing along with Macca’s son James is worth the admission money alone.

8. It’s All Leading Up To Saturday Night by the Marmalade. No, I don’t know it either. It’s on a Marmalade compilation album I’ve got. Not bad, actually.

9. Runaway (Mongoloids in Space) by Nuyorican Soul Fe. India. A rather jolly splash of dance music.

10. You Made Me Love You by Al Jolson. Wonderful.

That’s all, folks!