I’m afraid I too have used the latest Tory soundbite “Magic Money Tree” which was used initially about Labour’s manifesto but I’m not going to use it against Labour anymore: I’m going to use it against Theresa May’s nasty Tory Party.

It turns out there is no Magic Money Tree for nurses, police officers, doctors or frontline public sector workers, but it magically appears for Trident (the renewal of which I support, and the first use thereof, if necessary), serial tax dodgers like Mrs May’s own husband and of course huge cuts in taxes for the better off and corporations. May’s is more of a magic Money Forest.

The great conjuring trick, the Derren Brown-standard illusion, being perpetrated by the Conservative Party, is succeeding as it usually does at general elections. The Tories, who undoubtedly stand for and represent the rich, would never win enough votes to secure victory if they appealed only to their core voters. Instead, they need to appeal to those who are not naturally Tories and convince them that it is worthwhile them being worse off just to elect a Tory government.

Much of this attitude goes back to Margaret Thatcher’s government of the 1980s which created a whole new generation of Tories from the working class, bribing many of them with rock bottom prices to buy their own council houses. Thatcher also created a nastier generation who latched on to Thatcher’s mantra of “you can have it all now and sod everyone else”. That’s the mantra today of Theresa May, very much a pound shop version of the real thing, more a third rate Thatcher tribute act than serious politician with some kind of vision for the future.

Most Labour members knew of Jeremy Corbyn’s major limitations and acknowledged the fact. He is a career backbencher who has ended up looking like he has won a competition to be Labour leader. After a woeful 18 months in charge, I didn’t think Corbyn could get any worse and, to our general surprise, he actually got better. We won’t wake up on 9th June to see Corbyn walking along Downing Street but at least he has managed to raise the very low bar he set himself. You cannot say the same thing about May.

Having survived for over six years as home secretary, many thought May would be a shoo in for the PM job when she stepped into the void left by David Cameron after the referendum and at least maintain a firm hand on the tiller. How wrong they were. Where Corbyn has massively exceeded expectations, May has failed to live up to any at all.

May is every bit as divisive as Thatcher and the country will pay a heavy price for that. From soft remainer, May became a hard Brexiter. She has made no attempt to unite the country, failing to recognise that for 48% of the electorate leaving the EU was a catastrophic decision and that nobody voted for a hard Brexit. I haven’t changed my mind one bit about the referendum and indeed have no respect for the outcome which was achieved through lies and deception. May will certainly need her Magic Money Tree when the money runs out in the years ahead as we leave the EU.

I understand why the rich and powerful embrace May because everything she stands for benefits them but I fail to understand why those from the working classes and middle classes do too. Do they not depend on the NHS, good schools, the police, the armed services like the rest of us? May stands for none of these things. In fact, she stands opposed to all of these things.

Who would have thought that Jeremy Corbyn would prove to be more credible a prime minister than Theresa May? I never particularly rated either of them and I still don’t, but it is astonishing to see how, with such minimal scrutiny from the press, May has been exposed as one of the least competent people ever to run for prime minister. The only one I can think was worse – and he never even got as far as running for PM because his party axed him before it was too late – was Iain Duncan Smith.

Make no mistake. If you are working class or middle class and you vote Tory, Theresa May will make you a lot worse off in the coming five years and with her hard Brexit she will destroy the life chances of your children. People say there’s no one worse than a reformed smoker, but a working class Tory, an oxymoron if ever there was one, comes pretty close.