I don’t have the heart or the spirit to write too much about the decision of Boris Johnson to shut down parliament in order to expedite a disastrous no deal Brexit. Everything about Brexit is literally depressing and it’s in the form of a nightmare that won’t go away. Everyone who just wants Brexit out of the way – well, the bad news is that after today we’re stuck with it for a very long time.

As a remainer, I have clung to the hope that somehow the politicians who set this country on fire could put it out by coming up with a Brexit compromise. Even though any Brexit will be bad for Britain, I could live with a Norway Plus deal, where we stay in the single market, the customs union and we retain free movement. We would leave the political associations behind, lose influence in Europe and throughout the world, pay to have a worse deal than we now have and just get on with life. Boris Johnson has gone for the nuclear option.

Johnson has left behind his clown act and now we see a seriously unpleasant man. A liar, a charlatan and a narcissist, elected by a handful of elderly Tory Party members and unable to bully his hard Brexit through our elected parliament. I am now in no doubt: the future looks grim and, I fear, violent.

When and if Johnson closes down democracy, there will be civil disorder. On the streets will be those who seek to uphold our parliamentary democracy and those who wish to override democracy. It will not be a handful of student layabouts versus a loud group of Tommy Robinson thugs. It will be thousands of people, maybe even millions. The consequences would be unthinkable if they were not very likely.

The worst thing is that hardly anyone has changed their mind since the EU referendum of 2016. If anything, people feel even more strongly about staying as a part of Europe or pulling up the drawbridge. So many of the politicians who brought us here – mainly David Cameron and Theresa May, but there are many more – have slipped away, perhaps even slithered away, leaving the mess for everyone else to pick up.

I fear people are going to die as the consequences of Johnson’s actions become apparent. We are, in my view, in the midst of a coup by small state, low tax English nationalists and, given the absolute lack of meaningful political opposition, we can do no more than watch the country unravel.

Everything is coming to a head now, just as the hard right always wanted it to. And far from ‘taking back control’, we are losing control in an asylum taken over by the lunatics.