For what it’s worth – probably not a lot – I think that Brexit is going to happen on 29th March 2019. Nothing has changed my view that any form of Brexit will be bad for this country, nor my strong conviction, backed with mountains of evidence, that leaving the EU will represent a victory for the hard right, small state English nationalists, as well as disaster socialists, who each see within it their own opportunities. For working people in general and young people in particular there is literally nothing good in Brexit.

I suspect we will end up leaving on the basis of some third or fourth rate deal that looks something like May’s horse’s arse of an agreement with the EU that will end free movement, see the UK leaving the single market and customs union and allow us to take back control of things over which we never actually lost control.

I’ve always been half-hearted about the idea of a second referendum, although on balance I have gone along with it in the absence of anything better. That’s because I oppose in principle referendums on anything and everything. To my simple little brain, you either have a system of parliamentary democracy or you don’t. In any event, the only reason politicians use referendums is because it takes away the need for them to make difficult decisions. With Brexit, David Cameron used it to end once and for all the political machinations within the Tory party. He gambled the future of the country on an internal party political matter and he took the country down with him.

For now, the liars, the shysters and crooks have the Brexit they want. They lied and lied to the people of Britain and managed to get the result they so wanted. In truth, the arguments they used were merely a cover for their real aims which was to achieve a low regulation, low tax, small state country; capitalism unchecked. That they have all but succeeded should concern anyone who believes in state functions like the NHS will are not part of the Brexiters plans. This is not America, but they want it to be.

Those who sold us Brexit on a false prospectus will never be forgotten or forgiven when the true cost of our decision to pull up the drawbridge to Europe becomes clear. And it will be enormous. Not only that, Brexit will dominate our political landscape for decades to come as successive governments attempt to negotiate all these wonderful trade deals Brexiters promised us. God alone knows what our friends abroad think of us now and they must wonder if we are of sound enough mind to do business with. I’m not so sure about that one. We must also remember that we produce very little these days and much of what we do produce is on behalf of overseas companies, like most of the car industry.

Friendships have ended or become qualified because of Brexit. Whilst some people have managed to produce credible arguments as to why leaving the EU was a good thing, it’s been mostly of the vacuous “we must take back control” nonsense, with added pathetic insults along the lines of “you lost, get over it.” Some people have unfriended me on social networks but given some of the stuff they have come out with, it’s only because I didn’t unfriend them first. I’ve unfriended and muted others. I don’t need their hate and bile. Others said they were liberal-minded but still like the idea of something that is strongly supported by the likes of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Tommy Robinson. As we have noted many times before, not everyone who voted for Brexit was a racist but every racist voted for Brexit. I’m not sure I would like to spend time socialising with people whose allies poisoned people in Salisbury, want to build a wall in Mexico or are out and out fascists.

Theresa May is determined to take her terrible Brexit deal through parliament and Jeremy Corbyn’s wretched Labour Party is determined to allow it to happen by doing as little as possible. That’s why I feel those of us who support the European Union are close to losing the battle to keep us in.

The European Union may have its faults, but it has helped keep the peace since it was formed. It has greatly benefited the people of Britain and given us more opportunities than we would otherwise have had.

A broken and divided country, we are about to go it alone in an ever changing and ever more dangerous world, with nationalism on the rise and climate change posing an existential threat to all of us.

We have made a terrible mistake, urged on by dark money, as well as liars and crooks and a rabid media. Brexit will not end well. For my generation and perhaps the one that follows mine, Brexit will be a constant for the rest of our lives. They didn’t write that on the side of the fucking bus, did they?