Fancy a little conspiracy theory? One that might actually have something in it, unlike the 5G drivel, perhaps? How about this one?  445 deaths were sneaked from today’s figures back to last week. Why does this matter? Because today was the day Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson decided to ease the semi-lockdown and if those 445 deaths were properly recorded today, there would be a significant uptick in the death toll. You couldn’t have that on the first day after lockdown.

This matters because it seems to prove what we believe to be the case, that Johnson eased the lockdown not on the basis of science, but on the basis of distraction politics to take our minds off the antics of Cummings. In which case, Johnson is gambling with people’s lives.

It explains why health secretary Matt Hancock took charge of the statistical slides at today’s press briefing. Either the science and medical experts refused to read out the grossly misleading figures, or Hancock took it upon himself to purposely mislead the nation.

In recent days, the disquiet of experts has been obvious. Prof Van Tam, deputy chief medical officer said when he was reading out the slides that they had been given to him by the secretary of state. He added the rules surrounding COVID-19 applied to everyone, an indirect but obvious reference to Dominic Cummings after he drove a car load of the virus to Durham. The next day, Jenny Harries, the other deputy CMO, who has otherwise been loyal to the government to a fault said she agreed with Van Tam. Today, Hancock read the stats.

I’m afraid this all comes back to Cummings again. The news manipulation and misdirection is Classic Dom. He’s a disruptor by trade, he thrives on chaos. He doesn’t just advise Johnson: he tells him what to do.

If, like me, you have been rolling your eyes at the actions of Donald Trump as he tracks further to the political right, as close to fascism as it is possible to get, then have a think what’s going on here. We are being fed lies and half truths as a matter of course. Right wing populism, from Brexit right through to the election of Boris Johnson, has ripped this country apart, dividing it like never before. This really has to stop.

It might not be quite so bad if the statistics, the real ones and not those being manipulated by the friends of Boris Johnson, showed the country moving forward in the fight against COVID-19, but they don’t. The infection rate remains stubbornly high, as does the death rate. And with the R figure already close to one, the future is uncertain.

Hancock’s actions today, in reading out wildly misleading figures, do him no credit. Earlier on in the pandemic, he came across as sure-footed and in control of his brief. Now, he lies and misleads with the best of them. All politicians are not the same, but the ones in the cabinet are all like Johnson; dishonest, deceitful and downright dangerous.