And now a word from someone called Candice Keller, a prominent local Republican who lives 25 miles from Dayton, the scene of one of the latest mass shootings in America. She has a very interesting outlook on why these shootings keep happening. Here it is:

I briefly considered conducting a forensic takedown of Ms Keller’s comments but concluded there was little or no point. Hers is not a considered reasoning of those tragic events. Instead, it’s a combination of racism, whataboutery, lies and stupidity. Did I forget anything? Yes, I did.

As ever, following a mass shooting, Donald Trump got to the heart of the matter. The shooters will have been mentally ill. It covers every eventuality for Trump. Sadly, ‘mental illness’ covers a wide area.

I am not sure if Trump knows anything about mental illness, even though he does seem to exhibit many symptoms of it. Does he, for example, include people with depression, anxiety, OCD as potential shooters? In my case, when I am particularly ill, it is hard enough leaving my front door, never mind scratching around gun shops to pick up an AK47. In fact, the last thing I want to do is hurt someone else. My thoughts are usually that I am the one who deserves pain and misery.

I am aware that a desire to kill and maim people is not ‘normal’, so there is likely to be an element of mental instability with a killer of any kind. However, my fear is that whilst we are making progress at a glacial speed in changing attitudes to mental health, generalisations such as Trump’s represent several steps back.

I suppose I shouldn’t stoop to Ms Keller’s level but I’m going to anyway. If anyone is mentally ill, it is surely Ms Keller. Hers is a masterclass in unhinged nonsense. Hers isn’t an example of reasoning: it’s a series of unrelated rantings, a hotchpotch of fiction and bigotry, a pack of lies.

We probably have the same proportion of mentally ill people as they do in America, but we don’t get so many mass shootings. This is largely explained by the lack of availability of guns in the UK and the wide availability of guns in the USA. So those suffering from types of mental illness do not get the opportunity to blow out the brains of innocent people or indeed themselves.

Keller will not be alone in holding such views and until people of power grasp the simple truth as to why mass shootings occur, we can expect much more tragedy and weasel words of explanation.