Here we are again for the official Friday Music Shuffle where I set my music machine (phone) free to play ten songs in random order, from my wide and eclectic collection. Then, for no obvious reason, I tell you what they were.

Let’s rock!

  1. The Angel And The One by Weezer. Starts slowly and quietly and gets louder by the minute. Brilliant. From their Red Album.
  2. Clouds of Saint Marie by Ride. Excellent from the Oxford indie band, from their 2019 album This Is Not A Safe Place.
  3. I’ll Work For Your Love by Bruce Springsteen. Brilliant, of course, and from the Magic album. And it really is.
  4. We All Fall Down by Take That. Take That albums are generally patchy and largely unmemorable, but Beautiful World, form which this song comes, is a great record by anyone’s standards. Seriously.
  5. Somebody Told Me by the Killers. Although still hugely popular, Brandon and the boys have never got close to making music anywhere near as good this song from their first album Hot Fuss back in 2004. Sensational.
  6. Let It Burn by Blackberry Smoke. High class country-tinged rock from the Atlanta rockers, from 2016’s Like An Arrow.
  7. Can You Dig It? by the Mock Turtles. One of the greatest songs of all time in my humble opinion, from the band led by Martin Coogan, brother of Steve.
  8. Graze by Animal Collective. From their excellent Fall Be Kind EP, here is the Beach Boys meeting Kraftwerk via Tangerine Dream, sort of.
  9. Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head by Andy Williams. Yes, Andy Williams, singing the Bacharach/David song made famous in the classic movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. It’s rather nice, but then I am a huge fan of the late Mr Williams.
  10. Barnyard Story (live) by Procul Harum. I reckon you’d hear this tune and know instantly it was Procul Harum from Gary Brooker’s wonderfully distinctive voice. Fantastic.

That’s all, folks!