Thank God it’s Friday. Here comes another weekend that will look exactly the same as every other weekend since March. Oh well. Anyway, let’s set aside the misery of you know what as we head inexorably to a second lockdown and listen to the music, or rather read about the music my digital music centre is playing. Ten tunes at random, here they come.

Let’s rock!

  1. No, Thank You by Don Henley. Some high class line-dancing music from the Eagles man’s 2015 long player Cass County.
  2. The Scientist by Natasha Bedingfield. Sorry about this. It’s on a Radio One Live Lounge compilation.
  3. Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson. A classic Jacko tune that he didn’t actually write.
  4. Baby Grand by Ray Charles and Billy Joel. A delightful ‘duet’ by two greats IMHO.
  5. Rules of Change by Neil Young and Promise of the Real. From Old Shakey’s 2015 record, The Monsanto Years. Genius.
  6. Tug Of War by Paul McCartney and Wings. Title track of Macca’s 1982 album. So many references to John Lennon who was murdered during its recording.
  7. Our Love by the Doobie Brothers. Lush tune from the boys’ outstanding 1991 LP Brotherhood.
  8. California Girls by the Beach Boys. One of the greatest pop songs of all time.
  9. All You Pretty Girls by XTC. Andy Partridge is a total genius.
  10. Endless Road by Zervas and Pepper. From the Cardiff folk rockers’ 2019 album Endless Road Restless Nomad. Worth a listen.

That’s all, folks.