The weekend is nearly here, unless you have retired and the weekend is always here. I’m in my Man Cave, along with my portable telephone device which holds most of my music. As per usual, I am going to put the bugger on shuffle now and let it churn out 10 random tunes and I will tell you what they are. Exciting? Of course not! Let’s rock!

  1. I Told You by the Thorns. From their only album, the Thorns, comes this lush acoustic tune, full of lovely harmonies. The saddest words here being “their only album”.
  2. Johnny’s Garden by Stephen Stills and Manassas. Gorgeous tune all about the gardener of Stills’ manor house which he bought in England back in the 1970s. Really sweet.
  3. How Did It Come To This? by Take That. A rare vocal from the now departed Jason Orange on this lovely little song from The Circus.
  4. Straight Line by Crosby, Stills and Nash. From their very unusual poppy album Live It Up, this is a decent song that sounds like nothing they’ve done before.
  5. Wide Open Space by Sammy Hagar and the Circle. Nothing wrong with Sammy’s pipes, as he leads the band through this belter from their 2019 album, called Sammy Hagar and the Circle. Say hello to Jason Bonham on drums, why don’t you?
  6. Rocket by Albert Hammond Jr. The Strokes’ axeman with a cracking tune from his own Como Te Llama record.
  7. Ya Ya by John Lennon. An old Lee Dorsey classic from Lennon’s brilliant Rock N Roll album. (Along with John Fogerty, Lennon is my favourite rock and roll singer of all time.)
  8. Sting O Luv by the Wondermints. Stupefyingly wonderful Wondermints from their Bali album.
  9. You Got Me Rocking by the Rolling Stones. Classic Stones from their Voodoo Lounge long player from 1994.
  10. Beating Around The Bush by AC/DC. From Highway To Hell, this is the Bon Scott version of the band, with a riff that occasionally sounds not unlike Fleetwood Mac’s Oh Well. Oh well. It’s great anyway.

That’s all, folks!