Welcome to the Music Shuffle, a summer special edition with nothing different or new about it, apart from calling it summer special.

As ever, my musical device selects 10 songs at random from my excellent/dismal collection and I tell you what they are. If you want to sing along, just click on the title.

So, let’s rock!

  1. Suspect Device by Stiff Little Fingers. A belter from 1979’s great Inflammable Material long player.
  2. Suicide Is Painless by Manic Street Preachers. No point in covering an old classic unless you do something different and brilliant, which of course the Manics do.
  3. Blue Skies by Santana feat. Buika. A stunning return to form here, from 2019’s Africa Speaks.
  4. Surf’s Up by The Beach Boys. Title track of one of the Boys greatest albums. Impossibly beautiful.
  5. Stick It Out (live) by Rush. From 2011’s excellent Time Machine long player.
  6. Punchbag by The Bees. First track from the Isle of Wight’s finest’s first album Sunshine Hit me. Buy it.
  7. Be My Lover by Alice Cooper. Back to 1971 for a little filler from Billion Dollar Babies.
  8. Military Madness by Graham Nash. Anti-war genius from Nash’s brilliant 1971 solo album Songs For Beginners.
  9. I’m Movin’ On by John Kay. An old Hank Snow song from Kay’s solo record Forgotten Songs and Unsung Heroes.  Kay is the voice of Steppenwolf.
  10. Super Freak part 1 by Rick James. Back to 1981 for this belter. MC Hammer liked it so much he nicked the riff!

Today’s Desert island Disc is obviously the exciting number four song, Surf’s Up by The Beach Boys.

That’s all, folks!

CORRECTION: It has been pointed out to me that the Alice Cooper track Be My Lover actually comes from his record Killer and not Billion Dollar Babies. Or, in my case, Alice Cooper’s Greatest Hits. Please accept my sincere apologies for the distress this must have caused.