As if you didn’t already know, it’s autumn. It feels like it, too, as the thick puffy grey clouds hang above us. Nonetheless, in my heart it’s summer. And what more ponderous introduction could you expect for this week’s fun-packed music shuffle?

Yes, the usual 10 songs chosen by my musical device and I tell you what they are. And, should you wish to sing along, then all you need do is click on the song title.

Without further ado, let’s rock

  1. Angelo by B.C. Camplight. Gorgeous atmospheric song by Brian Christinzio from his excellent album Shortly After Takeoff, released in 2020.
  2. Lorraine by Toto. Love this tune from 1979’s Hydra.
  3. Accidentally Like A Martyr by Warren Zevon. Not as famous as another tune from Zevon’s 1978 album Excitable Boy, but this great album has more to it than just werewolves.
  4. You’ll Be Mine (Party Time) by Gloria Estefan. Pretty sure this turned up in last week’s shuffle, too, but I can’t get enough of our Glor. This goes back to 1996.
  5. The Troubles by U2. From Songs Of Innocence, which arrived on everyone’s iTunes for free back in 2014, and although it’s not Under A Blood Red Sky, it’s still half decent.
  6. Drakkar Noir by Phoenix. Lush track from the French indie rockers’ 2013 album Bankrupt.
  7. Sule Skerry by Erland Cooper Feat. Astra Forward and Hiroshi Ebina. Title track of Cooper’s lovely album about his beloved Orkney.
  8. Nevertheless by Bob Dylan. From his Fallen Angels long player, here his Royal Bobness croaks his way through the 1931 classic and it’s really, really good.
  9. Chicago/We Can Change The World by Graham Nash. The closing track(s) from Nash’s first solo album Songs For Beginners, released in 1971, which as we all know was rock’s finest year.
  10. Time It Is Today by The Association. Lovely track from, IMHO, America’s second finest harmony band.

That’s all, folks. Hope you enjoyed it!