My loyal reader will be familiar with the format, here. Every Friday, I allow my musical device to play 10 tunes at random from my collection and I tell you what they are. It really is that simple and, frankly, dull.

So, without further ado, let’s rock!

  1. Ain’t Talkin’ by Bob Dylan. Quality tune from his Royal Bobness’s 2006 album Modern Times,
  2. Touch Me by the Doors. Touch me by the Doors? Sounds like a euphemism. Much as I think Jim Morrison was a bit of a prat, they still made some decent tunes.
  3. Echizo by Santana. This comes from Santana’s 24th album, obviously called Santana IV, so called because it reunites most of the Woodstock line-up. And very good it is too!
  4. Expect No Mercy by Nazareth. Gargling with razor blades, I reckon, Dan McCafferty had one of the great voices of rock and roll.
  5. Blowin’ My Stack by Weezer. Excellent tune from the band’s 2010 outtake album, Death to False Metal.
  6. Three Rings by Grizzly Bear. From their 2017 Painted Ruins, top indie rock from across the pond.
  7. Stan (live) by Eminem feat Elton John. I don’t know about Stan, but clunky old Reg ‘Elton’ Dwight’s ludicrous faux American accent sounds worse than ever on this one.
  8. All I Want To Do by the Beach Boys. From the 20/20 album and co-written and produced by Dennis Wilson, who would later emerge was a huge creative talent, but not on this track.
  9. Down On My Knees by Bread. Some rare filler from David Gates and the legendary soft rockers.
  10. What’s Goin’ on by Michael McDonald. Hugely impressive cover of the Marvin Gate classic by the greatest blue eye of them all.

That’s all, folks!