Did you miss me when I was away? No, I thought not. Anyway, I was so busy resting on holiday, I didn’t even do a music shuffle. But I’m back now and – sorry, everyone – here’s a music shuffle. 10 songs chosen by my musical device, I tell you what it has chosen and if you click the song title you can sing along

Hope you like it. Let’s rock!

  1. Papers by 77:78. Two of the Isle of Wight Bees from their 2018 album Jellies. Pure summer. Lush.
  2. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away by The Beach Boys. Some harmless nonsense from the Beach Boys Party album. The Beatles did it far, far better.
  3. Be My Guest by Working Men’s Club. Magnificent, from their eponymous debut album of 2020.
  4. What A Wonderful World by Gloria Estefan. Gloria made a lovely album in 2013 called The Standards. This is the Louis Armstrong classic, obvs.
  5. Traction In The Rain by David Crosby. This is from Croz’s 1971 album If I Could Only Remember My Name. It’s just perfect.
  6. My Best Friend by Weezer. Just when things are getting lovely and laid back, here come Rivers Cuomo and the boys with this belter from 2005’s Make Believe.
  7. Dirty Boys by David Bowie. Brilliant latter day Bowie from 2013’s The Next Day. He even sings about running off with a cricket bat.
  8. Green Eyes by Arlo Parks. From 2021’s totally deserved Mercury Prizewinner Collapsed in Sunbeams, Ms Parks is a real star.
  9. Grave Concern by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. I couldn’t find the live track on You Tube so here’s Nash’s solo version from his 1974 solo album Wild Tales.
  10. Twosome by Deep Forest. The best world music ever.

That’s all, folks!